No Equipment Workout 2

Continuing my series of workouts, no equipment workout 2 includes sprints and squats.  I was asked to put up another no equipment workout so I figured why not.

Technique on these squats is VERY important.  Here’s a great demonstration and instruction on the squat.

Strive for good form.  Just remember…

  • Chest up.
  • At the bottom of the squat, you should be able to wiggle your toes.
  • Don’t let your knees pass your toes on the squat.
  • You want to break parallel and go past 90 degrees (it’s better for your knees)

How’d you do?

No Equipment Workout 2


If you’re looking for more no equipment workouts, check out one of these workouts below.  Simply click on the link for the number of rounds and repetitions

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If you completed the workout, how did you do?  If this is a repeat workout for you, did you improve on time or form?  Let me know in the comments.

14 thoughts on “No Equipment Workout 2”

  1. So do you do the same workout for a week and then switch? I’m just wondering because you said this is a bonus workout.

    • Sorry for being confusing.

      I had only intended on posting one workout a week, but I am working out at least 4 times/week. I don’t repeat the workout at all (but I might do it again in a few weeks), I just do something else the other 3+ days. Sometimes I use equipment. I didn’t want to promise to post more than once/week in case I couldn’t keep up.

  2. I didn’t time myself on this workout yesterday. Connor had me running from him, to the treadmill, back to him then squats. Probably took me a half hour.


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