No Equipment Workouts – Series Intro

Today, I’m excited to share that I’m starting an 11-part series of No Equipment CrossFit Workouts.  When we lived in San Antonio, we owned a CrossFit gym.  By now…in 2020, it’s been so many years since I would have considered myself in CrossFit shape.

We moved into the camper and had to store our Olympic weights, rower, and pullup bar.  I miss having the equipment but still want to get in shape.

So what do you do?

Figure out workouts that have minimal equipment.

Once a week I’ll be posting a CrossFit workout that uses little to no equipment at all.  Some of these workouts come from our good friend, Rickey, the owner of Helotes CrossFit.  If you want to like Helotes CrossFit on Facebook, you can do so here.

I’m shooting for working out a minimum of 4 times a week so the posted workout is just one of the workouts I’ll be doing that week.  These are meant to be relatively short, but intense workouts that you can do virtually anywhere.

Minimal equipment may mean a jump rope, stopwatch, & dumbbell (or rock) but that’s it. Nothing fancy or bulky.

If you want to join me, just grab your stopwatch and bust the workout out.  You can put your times or any modifications you have in the comment section of the individual post.

So without further adieu, Workout #1 of 11 in the series.


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