I’d be lying if I said I was all gung-ho about working out the next couple of days.

Truth is I’m not.

We’re visiting family for Christmas and I’d normally make up excuses for why I “can’t” workout.  I almost didn’t post a workout.  Silly me.

This here workout is quick and there should be no excuse.  I’m doing it in the morning before all the family arrives for the festivities.

  • Tuck jump is where you bring your knees up as high as you can and tuck your feet up.
  • Squats, follow the form here again.
  • Broad jumps…shoot for jumping a length of 4 ft for women and 6 feet for men.  Just mark it.

Shoot do this out in the snow if you want!  Call me crazy, but since it’s below zero here…I’ll be doing this indoors.

How’d you do?