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Economical and Sturdy Cattle Panel Garden Trellis

Well, friends, we’ve moved into high gear to prepare for our 2021 garden.  We reconfigured all our raised beds, put in irrigation for the soaker hoses, laid weed fabric and rock on the pathways, and installed our trellises. I’m super excited about my trellises.  They are very cost-effective and stronger than any trellis you can buy!  These materials will last us many years to come, which is a huge win! I’ll get into showing you

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The Great RV Freeze

Our main water supply has to pass through this fancy filter. I’m seriously considering changing our tag line to the following… We make all the mistakes so you don’t have to. Seriously. We’ve not made the best decisions in this

How to Dust Wood Blinds - Fast

How to Dust Wood Blinds

We are smack dab in the middle of painting the inside of our house. As everything has gotten a new clean face…one thing that has been bothering me is the dust on our Wooden Levolor Blinds. I have a solution


How To Replace RV Flooring With a Raised Slide

How did we replace our RV flooring?  That is a question we’ve received multiple times concerning our RV Remodel. For materials, we scoured the internet and found that most RVers recommend vinyl flooring sold by Home Depot, Allure Trafficmaster plank


RV Window Treatments

Continuing with the remodel posts, today’s post is all about the window treatment. Main Living Area Windows When Mark demo’d the camper, he threw out all the old cornice boxes.  They were dated and we didn’t want to recover them.


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