How to Refocus Your Heart for the New Year – 2022

So we have 2022 coming up just around the corner.  Eeeek!!! First, let me address why I’ve been absent for a few months.  I owe you all an apology. I’m ... READ MORE
Blogging Identity Crisis

My Blogging Identity Crisis

Hi friends!! I’m going to be completely upfront with you and admit that I’m having an identity crisis as a blogger.  Truth is, I have been pondering a complete refocus ... READ MORE

The Big Detour to a House

Today’s post has been difficult for me to formulate.  I’ve pondered this one for over a month now and haven’t figured out exactly how to share this bit of news ... READ MORE
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Moving on Up…Errr…Over

I’ve been on a huge blogging break. An unintentional one really, but life happens. We’ve been busy. Actually too busy! I won’t go into all that but I wanted to ... READ MORE

Love ~ Loss ~ Regret

I really debated on writing this post but since this blog is all about being real, I’m sharing. I don’t think this post is profound, but it’s our life. A ... READ MORE

The Mystery of Food & Children

Life is FULL of mysteries. Like… Why is a carrot more orange than an orange? I’m sure other parents out there have probably run into picky eaters. We surely have. ... READ MORE

Winter Wonderland in the Black Hills, Thank You Banana Belt!

It is really amazing to me that just one week ago we were covered in snow. Today it was close to 60 degrees!  60 degrees on December 2nd. In South Dakota. ... READ MORE

Beauty at O’ Dark 30 in the Black Hills

I am fortunate to have early risers. I sorta say this tongue in cheek but overall, I’m grateful that I don’t have to wake them. Ever. This morning, I got ... READ MORE