The Cost of Heating the RV During the Winter

RV living is affordable. Maybe. But this winter, heating the RV has not been. When we made the change from a regular sticks and bricks house to an RV, we ... READ MORE

Beating Humidity in the Camper ~ Revisited

I think we finally got a handle on the humidity in our camper.  I wrote about it here, but we have found that the 2 things we implemented were most ... READ MORE

The Great RV Freeze

Our main water supply has to pass through this fancy filter. I’m seriously considering changing our tag line to the following… We make all the mistakes so you don’t have ... READ MORE

RV Vinyl Skirting Update – Pipe Clamp System

Once again, we’re revisiting the skirting. You’ll remember we were having some issues, but today’s post is a very positive one. I’ll admit, after I got the email back from ... READ MORE

Condensation and Humidity in the Camper

It is funny all the differences to be found in living in a camper versus living in a normal home. Up here in South Dakota, we bought humidifiers the first ... READ MORE

Vinyl RV Skirting Issues at Our Windy Location

There are developments in the vinyl skirting that we put up on our new 5th wheel.  It’s not good news either. On a side note, if you’re in the market ... READ MORE

DIY Vinyl Skirting for Winter RVing

*UPDATE on improvements for windy location skirting* We’ve already covered the skirting options and supplies needed to do vinyl skirting for the RV. Today is our simple step by step. ... READ MORE

Vinyl Skirting Materials for the RV

We’re happy to report that our rig is skirted. There are lots of options for skirting an RV, which we discussed here. We opted for vinyl skirting. We learned a ... READ MORE

Keeping the Precious H2O Flowing During Winter

The other day, we moved into our semi-permanent site.  Semi- because we’ll be there for 6 1/2 months.  The winter months and off-season at Hart Ranch allow for less moving. ... READ MORE
Skirting Options for Winter RVing

Skirting the RV – Our Options

This post may just be the most boring thing I’ve ever written.  BUT, with the possibility that it might help someone as they decide how to skirt an RV, I’m ... READ MORE