Grill Your Way to Deliciousness: Top Picks for the Best Portable Grills for RVing

As avid campers, we know how important it is to have the right gear. A portable camping grill is one of the most important pieces of equipment for any camping ... READ MORE

Hit the Road with Confidence: How to Get the Best Internet While RVing

As a seasoned RVer, I understand the importance of staying connected while on the road. Whether for work, entertainment or simply keeping in touch with loved ones, a reliable connection ... READ MORE

Upgrade Your RV Window Treatments: A Step-by-Step Guide to Replacing Your Shades

During our camper remodel last year, we decided to change out our trailer’s window coverings.  Not only did we remove the old upholstered frames around the window, but we decided ... READ MORE
Small Kitchen Tools and Equipment Must Haves

Small Kitchen Tools and Equipment

Living in a camper and prepping meals for a family of 6, has been an adventure.  If you’re faced with a small kitchen space, this post will help you not ... READ MORE

RV Window Treatments

Continuing with the remodel posts, today’s post is all about the window treatment. Main Living Area Windows When Mark demo’d the camper, he threw out all the old cornice boxes. ... READ MORE

Winter RVing & Waterlines

Since we are officially into Spring, I figured I’d post some thoughts about winter RVing and our issues with the waterline freezing. This past winter, we made it through some ... READ MORE

$20 to Spend on Pampered Chef – What Would You Buy?

Since we have cut back and want to spend our money more wisely, I thought I’d address one of my weaknesses.  Pampered Chef. I’m not a consultant, nor have I ... READ MORE

Beating Humidity in the Camper ~ Revisited

I think we finally got a handle on the humidity in our camper.  I wrote about it here, but we have found that the 2 things we implemented were most ... READ MORE

My Favorite Multi-Purpose Kitchen Gadget ~ Mix N’ Masher

Downsizing.  That’s what we did when we moved into the camper.  Especially in the kitchen. Alright, I admit it. I have a problem with kitchen gadgets. During The Great Purge, ... READ MORE

RV Vinyl Skirting Update – Pipe Clamp System

Once again, we’re revisiting the skirting. You’ll remember we were having some issues, but today’s post is a very positive one. I’ll admit, after I got the email back from ... READ MORE
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