Homemade Mexican Hot Chocolate Recipe

Mexican Hot Chocolate Recipe

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I do believe I have you guys covered as far as hot chocolate recipes go!

First Ellie showed you how to make hot chocolate without powdered milk.  Next it was a gourmet hot chocolate ~ mint edition.

Today, I have my Mexican Hot Chocolate recipe.  Seriously, we live in San Antonio now…so it was bound to happen!

It is delicioso!  But in the interest of full disclosure, my kids don’t care for this one.  Rest assured they are normal kids and never heard of cinnamon in hot chocolate till this year.


Abuelita Mexican Hot Chocolate

Now if you are not into homemade,  you can buy Abuelita’s Mexican Hot Chocolate in the grocery store.

All you need to do is heat the Abuelita chocolate with milk and sugar.  It’s yummy and perfect for a crowd!

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