Grandma’s Secret Frosted Spritz Butter Cookie Recipe

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So far, I’ve shared my krumkake, rosette, and lefse recipes.  Be sure to check those out if you’re looking for our tried and true recipes.

These tasty little gems are so delicious and not overly sweet.  For my kids and Mark, I started adding a very thin almond & sugar frosting/glaze to them and sprinkles.  We have a collaborated cookie on our hands here.  You may also want to add slivered almonds as I have on some.

Before you get busy baking, make sure you have a cookie press on hand for these.

My cookie press is OLD.  I’ve had it for years and it works wonderfully.

If you are looking for this gun-style press, I recommend this press from Amazon.

Previously, I had the type of press that your turn a crank to press the cookie dough out.  Those do not work nearly as well in my opinion.  It is much harder to get the right amount of dough out and there are flimsy prongs on the bottom that get bent easily.

Trust me, go for the gun-style press.

Now for the my frosted spritz cookie recipe…

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