Indulge in a German Delight: My Delicious Apfelpfannkuchen (Apple Pancake)

You may have heard German Apple Pancakes referred to as Dutch Baby Pancake (originally called “Deutch”) or Apfelphannkuchen.  Many years ago, a friend shared her recipe for this oven-baked pancake ... READ MORE

The Most Delicious Knoephla Soup Recipe

There must be an unwritten rule that if you do any time in North Dakota, you have to eat Knoephla Soup.  This is the VERY best comforting noodle soup you’ll ... READ MORE

The VERY Best Classic Spritz Cookies

Continuing with our Christmas cookies, today it’s my tried and true classic Spritz cookies!  I’ve shared quite a few old-world treats such as krumkake, rosettes, and lefse  which are all ... READ MORE