Victory and Defeat – Our Issues with the Slide


We worked the slide issue out and shared how to work the slide here.


Today had been a great day on the RV remodel.

I posted this to our Facebook page because I was so happy with how it was coming together.


The entire camper was cleaned up spic-n-span and we even started moving some of our things into it.

Since we were out of propane, Mark decided it was time for me to drive her.  White-knuckled I pulled our 37-foot camper into the Flying J for a fill.

Whew!  I made it.  Mission accomplished.  I didn’t kill anyone and I drove over 50 miles an hour.  Yes!  I am woman, hear me roar.

Mark drove her home, (I think my slow driving was getting to him).  He wanted me to do the entire setup once we got to our site. Everything was going well except the fact that the kids were tired and needed to get to bed.  Eva hadn’t taken a nap and that always makes for a pleasant experience for everyone in a 1-mile vicinity.

I put down the jacks and went on to move the slide out while Mark observed.

Yelling, rippling, & buckling ensued.  Oh, my horror film!!!  Right in our camper. For the next 10 minutes, we moved the slide in and out to try to get the ripped up vinyl out from under the slide.  The slide’s trim had caught on the vinyl and snagged it.

Crappy iPhone picture below…


There was just a sinking feeling in my gut.  I can’t describe it.

So by now, the kids are really crying and I’m crying, (not really but I wanted to). Everyone is tired and we’re 1/4th moved in.  I take armloads of sleeping paraphernalia back to the 5th wheel to get the tired munchkins to bed.

Mark came in shortly after I did, calm as can be.  What can you do?  Guess we have to roll with the punches.  I foresee new vinyl going in the next day or 2 and the transition strip being cut down so it doesn’t touch the vinyl.  EVER AGAIN.

5 thoughts on “Victory and Defeat – Our Issues with the Slide”

  1. It could have been worse, I forgot to ensure the tv cabinet door was closed tightly and had the slide take the door off at the knob!

    If you find that the slide is sagging on the rails when it slides in, you may need to have better quality rails fabricated. My husband did this for our dinette area too. It was a real project. Keep it in mind if you notice the outside trims not matching up and send me an email.

    • Thank you for the tip Denise! Our slide is not sagging (and I hope and pray it NEVER does). 🙂 But we will definitely call on your experience if we need to update rails. Our issue was due to our inside wood trim (that we added) being too wide.

  2. Hi I wondered when you took the couch and dinette out to replace the floor and then put a new couch in were you able to get them through your door? Did you have to take the couch apart? All your information is very interesting Thanks Denise M

    • Hi Denise, the couch that was in there disassembled. And the one we bought from IKEA had to be put together too so dealing with the narrow door wasn’t an issue. For the dinette, we moved it to main living area and laid the floor down on the slide then moved it back onto the slide so we could finish the main living floor.


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