Thai Coconut Chicken Soup

Thai Coconut Chicken Soup Recipe

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I realize we are getting out of soup-eating weather but I guarantee, you won’t regret making this Thai Coconut Chicken Soup Recipe! 

I originally made this soup almost 10 years ago when I first read Eat Fat Lose Fat.  I’ve made just a few changes to the original recipe and it suits us just right now.  One change I made is to not add the chili flakes to the soup pot since I have younger children eating it.  Plus instead of chili flakes, we use this….

Chili Garlic SauceAlso let me say that this fish sauce is a must…

Thai Fish Sauce

The fish sauce was in the original recipe but up until this past winter, I always used 1 tsp of salt instead.  Oh this makes difference!  Find fish sauce if you can!

Lastly, we serve this soup with a bit of steamed rice to fill the bellies and I double this recipe for our family of 6.


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