Beating Humidity in the Camper ~ Revisited

I think we finally got a handle on the humidity in our camper.  I wrote about it here, but we have found that the 2 things we implemented were most effective.

  1. Vented window (while cooking)
  2. Good dehumidifier

So let me just cut to the chase.

I hate our Eva-Dry dehumidifier.


It had been running non-stop for the past 3 months and didn’t fill up one time.  Not once.  We tried moving it to another location. Another smaller room.  Nada.  Sure there was a tiny bit of water it collected but as you can see above it’s not much and that is the most it ever got in there.  So either it doesn’t work or it only pulls moisture out of the air when you are at a high percentage of humidity (maybe 60 or higher).

Since our Eva-Dry failed us, we purchased a much larger dehumidifier. We have a GE 30 Pint Capacity Dehumidifier for about $160 and it’s working wonderfully.  We set the humidity level low, at 35%, and it runs as needed.

We’ve emptied it twice in the 3 weeks we’ve had it.


We are still waking up to our windows looking like this…Frozen-RV-Windows-Humidity

Sometimes the windows are more iced over but we open our blinds and they clear up within an hour.

We wipe the excessive condensation off the windows as they thaw in the morning and we’re finding that the dehumidifier is keeping up with it throughout the day.

Also, you just have to open the window when you’re cooking.  There is not really a way around it.

With these 2 things, it seems like we’re actually on top of the humidity.

Note:  We chose to not plastic the windows just yet.  To not have the ability to wipe away any water was the biggest deciding factor.

11 thoughts on “Beating Humidity in the Camper ~ Revisited”

  1. Where did you place your dehumidifier? Getting ready for the winter here. Didn’t even think about condensation but now I realize it’s something to be proactive on.

    • Humidity was a bigger problem than we had anticipated. The large dehumidifier was located in the main living area, right in front of our TV Cabinet. The was the same main area as where we cooked. A smaller humidifier would have been helpful in the kids bunk room or in our bedroom.

  2. We are in the PNW right now, and we empty our dehumidifier every eight hours. We have the same model as yours. It’s insane how wet it is here.

  3. Second year in a wintered RV. Big dehumidifiers work, small of any type dont, i really dont understand it. Those moisture ball packs from target or Wally world do not work until spring, then they fill up fast. Double or single pane windows, I definitely use window plastic. Takes 20 minutes per window but well worth it. Humidity builds up on the inside of the plastic and can still be wiped off without much worry of breaking plastic. I’ve had very very little build up in the buffer space you create.

    • Oh, and if your lot covers electric cost, space heaters for when youre home to supplement. Cheapens the propane cost and no humidity from burning up the oxygen.

      • Love space heaters over propane. We did winter where they charged for electricity. 🙁 But yes, the added bonus of not having to deal with humidity too!

  4. Getting a dehumidifier has made a huge difference for us. We keep it right in the middle of the RV by the door. We still have a lot of condensation though on one particular window in the very back of the RV even though we put two layers of Reflectix insulation on it. We keep towels under the window to catch the water that drips down & they pretty much stay wet all the time. Any ideas of what may be helpful?


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