T Minus 7 Days and Counting

7 days.

7 days left in our stick and brick.  


We’re kinda in a jam.  How do you maintain some sort of semblance of a normal life when you’re trying to purge your home and cram the necessities into a 350 square foot camper? We opted to buy a new camper for this adventure.

But if you’re interested in exploring used campers, you should definitely check out my resources to find a used camper for sale by owner.

And I’m not even talking about homeschooling….I mean just living, like cooking, eating, sleeping.

As far as campers go, it’s pretty big.  But still.

So I’m in the process of another purge.  Right now, if you came to my house I’d probably beg you to take something, anything home with you.

A great friend of mine came over today to visit.

Like a good neighbor, I tried to pawn some of my junk off on her that I didn’t sell, don’t want to store, or can’t take with me.

I managed to get rid of a plant, some glass jars, diatomaceous earth, unopened honey mustard, and a huge mirror.

My mirror that I ever-so politely asked to get back if/when we move back into a house – she obliged – rather she *said* she would.  So now this blog post serves as evidence of her agreeing to give me back my beautiful mirror.

I’m really okay, and the mirror is not a BIG huge gigantic deal.  Not really.  Really.

4 thoughts on “T Minus 7 Days and Counting”

  1. Yep. The last few days can be crazy, and you’ll make bad decisions. It’s an extra cost, but I’d recommend putting those things in storage. You’ll then have time to get into the RV, live the life for a while, and your decision making process will be different. Just keep the stuff in storage till you have time to get back to it in a few months.

  2. I think that’s pretty sound advice David! I already sold several things that I’m half-regretting. So hard to imagine how daily life will look when we aren’t living in it yet.


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