The Adventure Begins

We’re about to embark on an adventure.  One nearly 10 years in the making.

It started with our married friends who simply loved Jesus.  They had converted a school bus into a rig.  This is what they housed and traveled in with their 3 young boys.

Our friends traveled from Maine to Texas every year & spread the gospel.  They had a simple life.

It shocked us!  Mark and I were married less than a year.  Their life and love for others left us scratching our heads.  It was radical!  And it was awesome!!

We thought they were crazy and absolutely one of the most amazing families we’d ever met.

We talked. We dreamed. We laughed.


It could never work for us.  Did we WANT it to work for us?!

I wasn’t entirely sold.  You see, I wanted to start a family.  I wanted to buy acreage.  You know the whole chickens, goats, garden plan.  My “Little House on the Prairie” style of life that I dreamed of for years stopped me.

Mark on the other hand wanted it all.the.way.  He was/is a minimalist at his very core and already thought we had acquired too much “junk.”

I cannot tell you how many times we re-visted RVing full-time.  At least half a dozen times, but I’m sure it was more.

By re-visiting…I’m telling you it was quite a visit!  We went to RV stores & dealers, browsed message boards, talked, talked, and talked some more, budgeted, planned, & prayed.  But we never took the plunge.

Now we’re doing it….and it’s craaaaazy!

Or we are…

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