Spices for Tight Spaces


Tight spaces.

What’s a girl to do?

One of my very dear friends is living full time in a camper now.  According to my children, that makes us copycats.

She did the leg work on finding an awesome spice rack/organizer.

So I did the only proper thing a copycat could do.  I bought one.

Ladies and gents…I present to you the Zevro MSR1400 Zero Gravity Magnetic Spice Rack.

In my opinion, if your spice rack has a model number, is magnetic, AND zero gravity, it pretty much rocks.

It comes with these handy little labels that are pre-printed and oh so simple.

Spice Rack Labels
Preprinted Spice Rack Labels

There wasn’t any label for some of my spices such as Cream of Tartar or Allspice. Maybe Allspice isn’t considered a common spice??

Do you use Allspice much?  I do during Fall more because of baking.

That camper oven may just change my entire world.  And not in a warm, fuzzy, happy sorta way.

Anyway, I’m over it.

So we filled them up with the spices I use most often.

We were able to downsize from this…

big bulky spices
My big bulky spices before

To this…

Filled With Spices
Whaaa laa!

The best part about this spice rack, it hangs on the wall.

What a beauty!!

So there is one more thing to show you…

You can either close the opening, open it to sprinkle or open it to pour.

This is how the jar looks closed.

See that little white ball below?  Well, that is the slider that you can move to control the flow of the seasoning.

Open to Sprinkle Position

And Pour Position

The jar is opened to Pour position

If I had a traditional home, I’d love to use this spice rack.  I do wish the jars were stainless steel (they are plastic) but I’m guessing that has to do with the actual zero-gravity feature.

I got mine from Amazon for just under $40, the reviews are pretty mixed but I tend to think the low ratings were due to user-error.

I purchased the 12 canister set, but it is also available as an 8 or 6 canister set.

Our old spice cabinet was a mess in spite of my efforts to organize it.  This is one of the best options I have found.

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