Hazard in the RV Kitchen

I thought this picture was amusing and worth sharing to show the little mishap we had recently.

So the Forest River designers are pretty tricky. They put this spice rack thingy magigy on the backside of the stove to give you the illusion of having another storage space.

“Oh, that would be a nice place to put oils or seasonings.”

Ha!  The joke was on me!! And since I had no clue what actually happens back there, I’m claiming ignorance.

You see, it is NOT the place to store anything that is flammable, pressurized, or can melt.  Trust me.

These little vents are to allow the intense heat from the oven to disperse.  You learn something new every day I suppose.  

All my oils and corked liquids were moved away from that area after a corked bottle of balsamic glaze uncorked unexpectedly.

So what do you think they expected people to store back there?  Silverware?

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    • Spoken like a true Mexican, you and Richard and kids should come up for some grilled corn! Thank you my friend! LOL!


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