Stripped Life as a Full Time RVer

As we prep for our move to Florida, I’m coming to terms with our life. That may sound like I’m miserable or have regrets. I assure you that is so far from the truth.

The reality is, we have sold almost all that we own. If it doesn’t fit into the van or the Winnie, we will no longer own it in 2 weeks.

It’s a crazy realization that you can contain all your belongings in an RV and minivan.

The past week has been huge for us in terms of getting rid of things. We sold our 5th Wheel, (thank you LORD!) and our 2nd vehicle.

We really don’t have much left, just a few things in the storage unit that we’ll either be selling or donating. Basically, if it doesn’t fit in the van or the Winnie, we’re not taking it with us.

You know, it’s funny. Part of me is sad to realize we have so little. But another part of me feels like we are free. (not that stuff determines whether you are free or not)

We all want nice stuff right?  I mean, for the most part, we want to have a nice home, nice clothes, nice furniture, and nice belongings.

But I refuse to think either my or anyone’s value is found in possessions.  At the end of the day, I hope we possess worth within ourselves rather than in our possessions. So as I finish selling some things on Craigslist, I strive to stay in the place where I know it is all okay. Those things are JUST things.

We’ve donated far more than I thought we would have to, (time dictated that we needed to start donating since certain items were not selling). I’ll be honest and say, that was hard. I had to let go of the value I saw in the item and view our donations as blessings for others.

This whole process has caused me to stop and think about what I value and where my heart is. I’m grateful for less stuff. I don’t really miss anything that I’ve gotten rid of and I have all that’s important.

What we are physically left with? All that is important. Family.

I don’t think this life is for everyone. I know many people have priorities right and don’t get caught up in stuff. I’m just grateful to be learning the lesson of simplicity. It’s taken me living in the camper and I’m so grateful for it.

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