How Are Those Painted Countertops Holding Up?

Funny you should ask.  They have seen better days.

I hate to be Debbie Downer but I have to retract my recommendation of the Giani Granite Countertop paint.

After less than 6 months of use, the top sealing coat is wearing away.  Because of this, the paint is peeling and chipping.



I meticulously followed the instructions that came with the paint and I the initial transformation won me over.  But not so much today.

Our biggest problem area has been our booth dinette table.


You see, when I originally did the RV’s countertops, I had enough to cover our booth table.  Since this area gets lots of use abuse, the paint job took a beating.  We’re now in the process of stripping the paint and figuring out a solution.

The actual counters have held up better but there are nicks in the paint and the finish is wearing away.


Life is busy.  At some point, we’re going to have to replace the countertops.  The timeline pretty much depends on how quickly the paint wears away or how badly it annoys us.

23 thoughts on “How Are Those Painted Countertops Holding Up?”

  1. This was my experience also! 6 months later the edges are wearing away like your table. The finish has worn so badly and it almost feels tacky like it’s breaking down or disintegrating. I just thought with a 14 day cure, auto grade sealant and all the other other things they boasted about their finish that it would be super durable. I have babied my counter tops and they are still tacky, wearing and scratching. I didn’t bother to contact Gianni cause at this point it involves me putting in an enormous amount of work again to fix them with any solution that they might offer. A more durable polyurethane would probably be better. My concern with other finishes is that they might not be ideal (food grade) for a food prep surface. Ultimately I wish I’d just invested in new counter tops or gone with the Rustoleum ‘stoneworks’ DIY solution… bummer.

  2. Same thing here our countertop is peeling and chipping in different spots. I tried fixing it but it’s doing it again..Not sure what we are going to do now!!! Ugh

  3. I painted my countertops with guani maybe 6 years ago and they looked good maybe 6 months. I got paint stripper gel and I am going back to the original laminate. Painter countertops are not user friendly. I always had to baby, and that made the counters not very usable… After finding my old laminate countertops still in decent shape under the paint I am glad I can scrub them clean, roll dough on the counter, and other stuff that I have been avoiding all these years.

  4. I just bought a house with painted counter tops and they are wearing something awful and feel like they are tacky all the time. I wish I knew how the original counter looks cuz I can’t stand this.

    • Oh, that is so unfortunate! I wonder if there is some way you could strip that paint off without damaging the counter.


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