How Are Those Painted Countertops Holding Up?

Funny you should ask.  They have seen better days.

I hate to be Debbie Downer but I have to retract my recommendation of the Giani Granite Countertop paint.

After less than 6 months of use, the top sealing coat is wearing away.  Because of this, the paint is peeling and chipping.



I meticulously followed the instructions that came with the paint and I the initial transformation won me over.  But not so much today.

Our biggest problem area has been our booth dinette table.


You see, when I originally did the RV’s countertops, I had enough to cover our booth table.  Since this area gets lots of use abuse, the paint job took a beating.  We’re now in the process of stripping the paint and figuring out a solution.

The actual counters have held up better but there are nicks in the paint and the finish is wearing away.


Life is busy.  At some point, we’re going to have to replace the countertops.  The timeline pretty much depends on how quickly the paint wears away or how badly it annoys us.

24 thoughts on “How Are Those Painted Countertops Holding Up?”

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  3. Julie, I didn’t see where you mentioned contacting the Giani people for help on a solution – I assume their first response would be to tell you to reseal? I was wondering if you had researched other sealing paints, like a marine or deck clear coat paint, that might be up to the more harsh use?

    1. Hi Denise, I did contact Giani and unfortunately I haven’t heard back from them. I haven’t researched other sealing products but I think you’re onto something. I do wonder if a thick polyurethane would also suffice.

  4. that might do the trick – like it would with any other counter sealant. Some countertops must be sealed about once a year so that may be what you do based on how much wear down occurs. I hope that works out because it really does look nice!

  5. Did you replace them yet? We have a camper too and we replaced ours with regular old plastic laminate. They’re light and can take a beating, which was perfect for our growing family.

    1. We have not replaced them yet Anthony, but we did consider a laminate. Great option! Since it’s a small space and we’re feeling creative, we’re going to go with a tile in the near future.

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  7. This is one of the biggest reasons we hesitated to redo the counters in our home with Giani, but in the end we took the chance and they are over two years old without any chipping or peeling. I wonder what makes some counters chip after a short time and others last so long?

    1. I know it Kathleen! I do wonder if we are just really hard on counters. So glad they are holding up for you guys!

    2. My experince with Giani was also disappointing. I painted my kitchen counters with it and it looked fantastic…..for about a month. Even though I followed the directions without shortcutting, the paint still chipped and peeled, leaving my counters a mess. I contacted them to find out what I needed to use to strip it all off and they sent me a “new and improved” version for free that is not sold in stores. I have not used it because I honestly feel it is going to do the same thing.

      1. Oh that is too bad Amy! I contacted them about fixing the counters but never heard anything back. I’d be curious to know if the updated version worked.

  8. Hi, I just remodeled our house this past year to sale. I used giani granite and learned a lesson the first time after several months I did them in March we had the same issue you are having in the rv peeling and chipping. So, in September I redid the counters easily just cleaned them to remove the shine sanded rough spots and I did the same process again but with two thin coats of primer. Then I did the painting and I put on 4 coats of the clear I had to buy one extra can to go with the kit. On the edges around the sink which was my worst for wear and tear i caulked the edges twice. On the flat edges where we where getting wear and tear like on your table I choose to edge it with stick on stainless steel strips I originally was using for our back splash edging. I ordered them from Home Depot they are with backsplash accessories. I plan to do the same in our camper. It has held up awesome and our house sold in just days on the market number one thing everyone commented on was the kitchen I used nuvo cabinet paint as well. The top counter has held up great as well with the extra coats I just think the harder hit areas on the edge is just a tough place for it to last being paint.

  9. Hi, I just used a counterparts product from, so far it’s been great. I did look at the product you used and decided against it. If you are up for it, check it out!

  10. Have you considered stainless steel sheet metal for both the counter top and table. It’s fairly lightweight, long lasting, easy to clean, holds up well to abuse and can be cut to size. Can be laid down just like laminate. I would strongly suggest sanding the paint a little for better adhesion. You should be able to find sheets at your local big name hardware stores. The cost is a little higher but the longevity of it is well worth the cost.

  11. This was my experience also! 6 months later the edges are wearing away like your table. The finish has worn so badly and it almost feels tacky like it’s breaking down or disintegrating. I just thought with a 14 day cure, auto grade sealant and all the other other things they boasted about their finish that it would be super durable. I have babied my counter tops and they are still tacky, wearing and scratching. I didn’t bother to contact Gianni cause at this point it involves me putting in an enormous amount of work again to fix them with any solution that they might offer. A more durable polyurethane would probably be better. My concern with other finishes is that they might not be ideal (food grade) for a food prep surface. Ultimately I wish I’d just invested in new counter tops or gone with the Rustoleum ‘stoneworks’ DIY solution… bummer.

  12. Jeff Mitchell

    Same thing here our countertop is peeling and chipping in different spots. I tried fixing it but it’s doing it again..Not sure what we are going to do now!!! Ugh

  13. I painted my countertops with guani maybe 6 years ago and they looked good maybe 6 months. I got paint stripper gel and I am going back to the original laminate. Painter countertops are not user friendly. I always had to baby, and that made the counters not very usable… After finding my old laminate countertops still in decent shape under the paint I am glad I can scrub them clean, roll dough on the counter, and other stuff that I have been avoiding all these years.

  14. I just bought a house with painted counter tops and they are wearing something awful and feel like they are tacky all the time. I wish I knew how the original counter looks cuz I can’t stand this.

    1. Oh, that is so unfortunate! I wonder if there is some way you could strip that paint off without damaging the counter.

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