Our Dog, Pepper (a Shorkie)

*This post is by our daughter, Ellie – 8yo. She is working on her writing and just loves Pepper.*

We have a dog, his name is Pepper.

He is a 9 month old Shorkie, (Shi Tzu / Yorkie).

He plays rough and is naughty sometimes.

He likes to try and escape outside, and when he has his leash on, it is easy to catch him.  But when he doesn’t have his leash on, it is hard to catch him.



He is a good puppy though.

My brother Eli, has an electric scooter. He takes Pepper for a ride with it. When he comes back, Pepper is very tired.

When we first got to this campground, Pepper got bit by an ant and he was limping and licking his foot.

Today we gave our dog a bath, he doesn’t like baths.

I like taking care of him sometimes but I don’t like taking him out to go potty.  My mom says this is a good way to learn to do things I don’t want to.




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  1. What a great post Ellie!
    Your puppy Pepper is adorable. It sounds like he is a handful though. You take good care of him.
    I hope you keep writing!


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