How to Refocus Your Heart for the New Year – 2022

So we have 2022 coming up just around the corner.  Eeeek!!!

First, let me address why I’ve been absent for a few months.  I owe you all an apology.

I’m sorry

I fed my brain, my heart, and my time with so much negative news, dire predictions, and overall doom and gloom for the past year.  Finally, in September, I reached my breaking point and decided I couldn’t go on being Miss Positivity when I was so discouraged and stressed out.  No way on God’s green earth did I want to spread that negativity on the blog or my YouTube channel so I stuck my head in the sand and decided to lay low for a while and wait for the end of the world.


Not really the end of the world, but kinda.

So I am sincerely sorry for bailing.

Many of you may be thinking, “what do I care if you post?!”  Well, you may not care and I’m okay with that.  But from my point of view, we all have value to share with the world.  When we put the stopper on our voice/outlet/purpose, the world is a little less.

This is just my two cents, (and I’m not very philosophical anyway).

Back to 2022…

I don’t really like New Years Resolutions because either my resolutions are not compelling enough to actually stick to OR failing at my New Years Resolution becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

I have several close friends that always come up with a word for their year in advance.  These ladies spend time with the Lord.  Through that time and prayer, they get a word for their year ahead.

I never do this.

However, since I have been decompressing from propaganda news sources (spoiler – that includes all of them) I have been spending a lot more time with the Lord and building on His solid foundation (Matthew 7:24-27).  This year, quite to my surprise, I got a word for the first time ever.


So 2022, my focus is diligence.  I’m pumped!

Before I go, I wanted to share actions I’m personally taking to refocus for the year ahead.  These may not be for you, but they are crucial in making 2022 a better mental health year than 2021 was for me personally.  If you have any to add, please feel free to comment.  I may update this post based on the replies.

How to Refocus Your Heart for 2022

  1. Shut Off the News.  There are a couple of reasons why news is not your friend, friends.
    It Controls Behavior – I used to think I was a responsible citizen if I stayed informed.  Now I realize that the news hasn’t made me more informed it’s simply shaped my behavior.  How many of you ran out to get toilet paper in 2020 after hearing there was a shortage?  I’m more convinced than ever that we had a toilet paper shortage because the news told us to stock up.  This manipulation has shaped so many areas of life and I for one do not like being controlled.
    Opinions Abound – Rarely do we actually get the news.  One side is often villanized and one side is propped up as right.  News isn’t about anymore, it’s just a bunch of opinions divisive talk – no thanks.
    It Takes Time/Energy/Focus – There are so many other wonderful things to do with your life than listen to talking heads tell you what to think.  Go for a walk, read a book, start a new hobby.  There is life to live out there.  Carpe Diem.
  2. Delete Social Media.  I deleted Facebook & Twitter at least 3 different times.  (I am a slow learner apparently.)  I seem to keep going back to it for various reasons but I think I’m finally done with it for good.  You do what you want with your life, but let me share with you why I recommend this.  Disclaimer:  I still have Pinterest and Instagram because I limit who I follow and neither is a source of control, division, fear-mongering, etc.
    Keyboard Warriors – I have SO much more peace in my life now that I’m not arguing over whether we should save the turtles (or other highly divisive and impactful social issues we are facing in our country).  No more interacting with trolls and keyboard warriors.
    Superficial Connections – I used to argue that social media was great to keep in touch with friends/family.  While yes, I did have some connections, social media was a HUGE time suck and I really only stayed connected on a surface level.  There are people in my neighborhood and town that I want to connect with in real life.  That is the most fruitful and rewarding (and it is without the social media drama).
    More Propaganda – The rotten news is all over social media, see point 1.
  3. Hygge & Rest.  This Scandinavian word, hygge, is all the rage now (just check Pinterest – ha!) but it is such a great concept in a small word!  Cozy up, get comfortable, and rest.  Rest without a phone/tv/device on.  Rest.  As a Christian, I find my rest time listening to worship music, reading, prayer, a cup of coffee by the fire.  However, you do you, hygge and rest.
  4. Thankfulness.  In a negative world, complaining, fear, and anger are far too easy to replicate.  Thankfulness is the perfect antidote to the craziness of this world.  Thankfulness is not always easy but it is always the proper response in spite of circumstances.  We all have something to be thankful for, your challenge is to find it and express it.
  5. Change What You Can – Leave the Rest to the Lord.  I used to be so cynical about the Serenity Prayer.  But truly, why fret about what you can’t change?!  You have a responsibility to course correct where you are off but beyond that – commit/trust the Lord with whatever is outside your power to correct.

That’s all I got folks.  This is just my view of what I am doing and plan to do for 2022.

From my family to you and yours, my sincere prayer for you is that your 2022 is full of true peace, renewed rest, positive relationships, and a fulfilling life pursuing your purpose.

Until 2022,


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