Seeds to Start in March – Zone 5A

Today I’m sharing which seeds to start in March. Whew!  As I promised in January and February, March is a HUGE month for starting seeds! The list below will be especially useful for you zone 5A gardeners. However, if you’re in a neighboring zone, you can get some ideas on what to plant maybe a little earlier or later, depending on your zone.

Note that the list below is broken up by vegetables, flowers, and herbs.  In parentheses, I have the time of the month that you can start your seeds. Let’s dive right in.

Vegetable Seeds to Start in March

  • Artichoke (mid)
  • Arugala (early)
  • Asparagus (all)
  • Bok Choy (mid)
  • Broccoli (mid)
  • Broccoli Sprouting (mid)
  • Brussel Sprouts (mid)
  • Cabbage (mid)
  • Cauliflower (mid)
  • Chicory (all)
  • Chili Peppers (mid)
  • Cress (all)
  • Eggplant (all)
  • Kale (mid)
  • Leek (all)
  • Lettuce (mid)
  • Onions (all)
  • Peas (mid)
  • Radicchio (all)
  • Scallions (all)
  • Sorrel (all)
  • Tomatillo (mid)
  • Tomato (all)

Flowers Seeds to Start in March

  • Ageratum (mid)
  • Alyssum (mid)
  • Aster (mid)
  • Begonia (mid)
  • Bells of Ireland (mid)
  • Calendula (mid)
  • Celosia (mid)
  • Chamomile (mid)
  • Cleome (mid)
  • Coleus (mid)
  • Convolvulus (mid)
  • Coreopsis (mid)
  • Coneflower (all)
  • Cornflower (all)
  • Cosmos (all)
  • Cuphea (mid)
  • Dianthus (mid)
  • Dusty Miller (mid)
  • Gaillardia (mid)
  • Gazania (mid)
  • Gomphrena (mid)
  • Gypsophila (mid)
  • Heliotrope (mid)
  • Johnny Jump Up (mid)
  • Lantana (mid)
  • Lavender (mid)
  • Lobelia (mid)
  • Marigold (mid)
  • Monarda (all)
  • Morning Glory (mid)
  • Nicotiana (mid)
  • Pansy (mid)
  • Petunia (mid)
  • Phlox (mid)
  • Portulaca (mid)
  • Salvia (mid)
  • Scabiosa (mid)
  • Snapdragon (mid)
  • Stock (mid)
  • Sweet Pea (mid)
  • Valerian (all)
  • Verbena (mid)
  • Vinca (mid)
  • Zinnia (mid)

Herb Seeds to Start in March

  • Calendula (mid)
  • Catnip (all)
  • Chamomile (mid)
  • Chives (all)
  • Comfrey (mid)
  • Fennel (all)
  • Lemon Balm (all)
  • Lovage (all)
  • Monarda (all)
  • Sage (mid)
  • Valerian (all)


Pretty much all the seeds above can be started in April except for asparagus.  If you’re establishing a new asparagus patch and want to get a lot of plants going seeds are most definitely the way to go, but you need to do that this month if you’re in zone 5A.

How about you, are you starting anything new for your garden this year?

Personally, I’m planting a bunch more flowers this year so I can pretty up my front and save from buying annuals at the greenhouse.

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