Classical Conversations ~ Easy & Fun Review Fishing Game

This is a great and simple little fishing game. I made this fishing game for my Classical Conversation Abecedarian kids!  Bonus is this game is quick to make inexpensive, and the kids love to play it.

For supplies you’ll need branches, a hot glue gun, scrap yarn, safety pins, magnets, and some “fish”, printable image is below.

The whole project starts with some tree sticks.  I cut off the “nubs” and rough edges on the stick and then sanded all those edges smooth.

Next I tied some yarn to the end with a double knot and a dab of hot glue.

Glueing the String to the Easy Go Fishing Game

After you glue the string to the end, it’s best to wrap the string or yarn around the end to secure it further.  You can add some extra glue for the yarn to adhere to.

Cut the yarn the appropriate length then tie a knot on the end.

Next, sandwich two magnets together with the string in between.  You can use glue to secure them (like I did) or use the adhesive magnets with a knot tied around them all together.

Sandwich the Magnets together to form the end of the fishing line for Go Fishing Game

Now for my “fish”…

I found this sweet little fish sheet online.  They do print out smaller on an 8.5″ X 11” sheet.  Mine were printed larger but that was in error. The fish for printing are here: Fish Game


I made fish one-sided and laminated them for durability.  Then on the backside I wrote the review subject with a sharpie marker.  Since we have 7 subjects, I took 2 of the fish and wrote, “Go Again!”

When the student “catches” the “Go Again!” fish, they can play the game again to get their subject for the review question.

Now to make the “fish” magnetic, I simply attached a safety pin to the mouth end.  You can slip the safety pin to the end and don’t have to make a hole in the “fish”.  I chose to go this rout instead of paper clips because they stay on there much stronger.

That’s it!  Super simple and like I said, the kids loved it.

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Easy Go Fishing Review Game

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