Classical Conversations Cycle 3 YouTube Playlists

Today I’m excited to share with all of you fellow CCers my Classical Conversations Cycle 3 YouTube playlists.

Classical Conversations Cycle 3 YouTube Playlist


First – My Disclaimer

I’ve gone through and watched most of the videos on my playlists, BUT you may find some of them inappropriate for  younger children.  Basically…please use your discretion.  I recommend you view the videos before you show them to your children.

There are some weeks that have only 1 video some have more than 11. Certain subjects are extremely sensitive given how recent they occurred, (September 11th) and I was unable to find appropriate videos.  These playlists are a work in progress and I’ll be updating them throughout the school year.

To avoid copyright issues, I purposely did not put videos in my playlist that actually contained CC memory work.  I look at these videos as supplemental information for my children.  If you have any to add to a particular week, I’d love to hear from you!

For access to the Playlists, please click here or click the image above.

8 thoughts on “Classical Conversations Cycle 3 YouTube Playlists”

  1. Hi! Thanks for the listing of the videos. It is really helpful. I know that you said that you watch most of the videos, but I’m guessing you didn’t watch and approve The Compromise of 1850 for Dummies. While it is informative, the guy goes into some sort of a rant about Bloods and Crypts, gangs, and also something to the effect of taking a knife to your mother’s throat. I wouldn’t call it appropriate for any Foundations age child, but especially not a Kindergarten aged child, which is what I have. I just wanted to suggest that you remove it from your line-up in case parents don’t have time to preview and are just trusting you as the source. Blessings!

  2. Thank you for putting together all of these playlists for CC cycle 3. This is my first year in CC and this has been a big help. I was wondering are you or have you put together anything for the other cycles ?

    Thanks so much !

    • Thank you Shannon! This is our first year doing CC too and I haven’t put together other playlists yet. I do plan to as we get closer to Cycle 1 though. 🙂

  3. Me again! For Week 20, the Child of Glass video talks about his sexual orientation which I believe a lot of CC parents might want to skip! 🙂 As you can tell, we use your lists. Thank you!


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