Classical Conversations Cycle 3 Week 4 ~ Wrap Up

For our Classical Conversations Cycle 3 Week 4, we got to explore the Declaration of Independence. There are so many wonderful videos for this part of our history that we’ve been watching all week.

Here was our week….

CC Cycle3 Week4 Update


For my non-readers… my whiteboard.

Cycle 3 Week 4 Whiteboard for Non-Readers

The P with a circle is the symbol for published and the rest should be self explanatory.

(at home) The Story of the World: Vol. 3, Chapter 22, Pg 213-217. 


I tried to help explain the different verb tenses by drawing little arrows on my whiteboard coinciding with the tense.  I also incorporated hand motions to explain what the tenses meant.


For Latin this week, I pulled out some of my hand puppets.  Check them out…aren’t they CUTE?!

Hand Puppets for CC Memory Work

The bear one is named Perhiberet (bear).  Just make sure to explain what bear actually means in Latin – something I forgot to do but later reminded my parents in my email to them. The children got to raise their puppet or object when we said their part.  This was so fun for them and I’ll be incorporating them as much as possible!

I got them a week or 2 ago from Dollar Tree so they may still be there!  Again I followed the helps from “Hissheep” off CC connected and tailored them to my puppets and hand motions.


(at home) We made a model of a spine with egg cups, straws, and tape.  So easy and the kids liked the hands on aspect.  We covered the fact that they are many more vertebrae than 18 in our spinal column and what parts of the model would be parts on their spine.  I also read the the Science Snippets when the model was built and talked about our nerves.

Spinal Cord Model

Fine Arts

Abstract Art.  Oh my…I’ll be honest and say this wasn’t my favorite lesson.  After a brief explanation, I had the children draw a continuous line, a big and swirly line that overlapped. Next I had them color in different blocks made by that line with bold colors.  For their next project, I wrote their names in an abstract manner, (turning the page for each letter of their name) and then I had them color in those different sections.

Science Experiment

For the science project this week, we made a model lung.  So many great lessons from this week from our previous Science grammar!  If you make this model, be sure to use a sturdy water bottle.  We went with a Evian but the plastic is thinner so it would collapse, (Dasani is strong enough).

Review Game

Golf, Tutor May I, & Sprints were our games for review.  I had some energetic children this week and I think it would have been better to reverse the order of the games personally.

So why so many games this week?  Well I’m glad you asked!  As I said the kids were a little more squirrely this week and they got very tired waiting for their chance at Tutor May I.  Next time we play, I’ll let everyone do the action the review question is asked if we have wigglers.

We finished up our review time with the children lining up and me asking them a question one at a time. After they answered the question, I sent them on a sprint down the sidewalk and back.  Ahhhh, what a release for them!

Half-a-Hundred Acre Wood

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