How to Dust Wood Blinds

We are smack dab in the middle of painting the inside of our house. As everything has gotten a new clean face…one thing that has been bothering me is the dust on our Wooden Levolor Blinds.

I have a solution for you so today I’m going to share with you how to dust wood blinds super fast!

How to Dust Wood Blinds - Fast

Honestly, until very recently, I didn’t know how to dust our blinds.  And did you know that dust is 75% to 90% skins cells?! Yep…uh huh! So the dust had to GO, ASAP!  <shudder>

Prior to my discovery, I dreaded dusting the blinds so badly we interviewed a housekeeper to tackle them, (and other areas of the house that are a hassle).  But instead of spending $200/month for a housekeeper to clean, I ignored the dead skin cells.  BLEGH!

Back to where we are today…painting and it’s all clean but those blinds.  So I got out my trusty Google. All the sites I came across recommended you fill your bath tub with water and a little soap. Next you put your blinds in there for a minute or 2 and agitate the water. Pull out the blinds and let them dry. I was game but the problem is a few of our blinds are wider than our bath tub is long.

And I’m so happy to announce that I conquered the dusty blinds and it was so much easier than the bath tub method!  Here’s how, but first…

Since we’re in Texas we can still do this as it’s not freezing outside.  For you Northerners, you have a few more weeks before snow flies.  Eeeek!  For you all, file this away as a great spring cleaning project.

Steps to Dust Wood Blinds

  1. Remove blinds from windows.
  2. Take them outside.
  3. Spray dust off with a water hose.
  4. Hang them over fence, railing, or table to dry.
  5. Replace blinds back on windows.

Blinds Drying

Seriously…that was so simple, I’m almost ashamed I made steps.  Ha!  But really truly, this worked like a charm to remove the dust.  Our blinds are spick and span clean and it was SO SO easy.  For our kitchen blinds, a few of them had a spot or two of grime.  For those, I simply took a damp rag and wiped the area.

And let me tell, our blinds look brand new!  And in case you’re wondering, there is zero amount of warping or water damage on the wood. Wooohoo!  I love easy cleaning solutions!

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  1. Spraying blinds is a great solution. I have to do this at home. Unfortunately I don`t have a suitable place to put them outside. So my blinds will dry inside. Cleaning is the most important part I suppose. Best regards!


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