Seeds to Start in February: Zone 5A

Is anyone else shocked that it is February already?! If you’re wondering what seeds to start in February and you’re in Zone 5A, you may be a little disappointed.

Last month, I shared with you seeds you can start in January, which was pretty slim.  My little rhubarb plants are coming up and they are SO cute!

February has just a few seeds that we can “officially” start but I’m going to push the envelope a bit here and plant more than I probably should.  Fair warning to you, seed planting exponentially increases in March! – YAY!!

SIDE NOTE:  If you are in a different USDA Zone (I’m in 5A) you can go to Gardinate to figure out what you can/should start.

As I mentioned, this month I am starting some seeds a bit on the early side.  The reason for this is that my starts last year were a bit small on some of these varieties and they didn’t mature in time.

Without further adieu, here is a list of what I’m putting in my seed starting trays in February

Vegetables to Start in February

  • Asparagus (mid)
  • Chicory (all)
  • Leek (mid)
  • Onion (mid)
  • Radicchio (all)
  • Scallions (mid)
  • Peppers (mid) – this is my early planting

Flowers to Start in February

  • Coneflower (mid)
  • Cornflower (mid)
  • Cosmos (mid)
  • Valerian (mid)

Herbs to Start in February

  • Chives (mid)
  • Lemon Balm (mid)


So pretty slim right?!  You may be tempted to plant far more than I have listed above. You can always experiment but I thought this was a good reminder for all of us.

Can you relate??

I’m holding myself back…barely

seeds to start in february

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