My Blogging Identity Crisis

Hi friends!!

I’m going to be completely upfront with you and admit that I’m having an identity crisis as a blogger.  Truth is, I have been pondering a complete refocus of The New Lighter Life for a couple of years now.

Whether you’re a blogger or not, maybe you feel or have felt the same way I do…






You’ve settled into trying to be like everyone else…you’re going through the motions…gag me, please!

Instead of producing meaningful work that makes you cry…or fires you up…you’re in the mundane. And it sucks the life right out of you.

Rather than stay on THAT crazy train, I’ve decided to step off and write about things that actually matter to me. I will no longer focus on creating Pinterest-worthy content. Or keyword-heavy posts that Google loves.  I’m done.

I get it, there is marketing associated with blogs and they are a formidable means to make an income. (And some do an absolutely amazing job at it!!) But that is no longer MY focus.  I simply can’t be passionate about it and I refuse to pretend I can be.

I will still be publishing posts that are recipes or DIYs, but going forward I will be vulnerable to talk about issues that are closer to my heart as well.  Essentially, I will use MY voice more…express my personality, passion, and opinion.

AND I absolutely promise to be entirely unmotived by my blogging income, page rank, or any desire to please the masses.  My motivation is to be true to what is brewing in my heart.

I’ll end today by thanking you, dear reader, for bearing with me as I navigate my blogging identity crisis.

Many many blessings!!

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