Kicked Up Steak Rub Recipe

Spicy Kicked Up Steak Rub – Perfect for Grilling!

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I love a good steak just plain with salt and pepper but this spicy kicked-up steak rub recipe is delicious!  It is perfect for grilling.  Be warned – it may knock your socks off!

Spicy Steak Rub Seasoning


For today, I’m sharing with you our very favorite steak rub.  We used to eat steaks out at restaurants, but this rub is so good, I rarely even want a restaurant steak anymore.  This is far better than some of the upscale steaks we’ve had out.  It’s our absolute favorite!  I got this from a friend years ago, and we’ve made it ever since!

grilled steak

It is fantastic!
It is tasty!
It will kick you in the hiney!

My kids, who do not like spicy foods.  For that reason, I use just a small sprinkle of this rub for their steaks.




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