Thursday, we got an email from Gordon & Sarah.

They paid their student loan off and are now debt-free.


And it was ahead of schedule!  Way!

For those of you who have not heard, we covered the debt pay off here.

Originally when we prayed and decided to do this together, we estimated it would take us about 15 months for all 3 families to be debt-free.

The rate that we’ve actually been able to do this is staggering.

As it is right now, we are set to be done with the debt in 10 months!  10 months friends!!  10 months!

We are all kinda scratching our heads about it.  Here are the factors we think have contributed to the advancement (putting it in numbers, it ends up being an extra $7,200 that we’ve put towards it in the past 5 months)

  1. The Mighty God we serve.
  2. Extra remodel work Jamie has gotten.
  3. Additional money Mark and Gordon have gotten to throw at the debt (from extra work or selling things)

Really, we believe that the Lord is to credit for all of this as He has blessed us and our efforts!  That is an understatement in fact.

We also got word from the 3rd family that their original numbers were a little off.  Instead, it’s about $43,000.  No biggie….we’re so happy to be on the last family’s debt.

We are so motivated to finish this up.  And it feels great!