Full-Time RVing Grocery Budget Impact

For a family of 6, living full-time in an RV there are some unique challenges with staying on budget with groceries.  In a camper, there is very little storage space ... READ MORE

Beating Humidity in the Camper ~ Revisited

I think we finally got a handle on the humidity in our camper.  I wrote about it here, but we have found that the 2 things we implemented were most ... READ MORE

The Great RV Freeze

Our main water supply has to pass through this fancy filter. I’m seriously considering changing our tag line to the following… We make all the mistakes so you don’t have ... READ MORE

RV Vinyl Skirting Update – Pipe Clamp System

Once again, we’re revisiting the skirting. You’ll remember we were having some issues, but today’s post is a very positive one. I’ll admit, after I got the email back from ... READ MORE

Hazard in the RV Kitchen

I thought this picture was amusing and worth sharing to show the little mishap we had recently. So the Forest River designers are pretty tricky. They put this spice rack ... READ MORE

Condensation and Humidity in the Camper

It is funny all the differences to be found in living in a camper versus living in a normal home. Up here in South Dakota, we bought humidifiers the first ... READ MORE

Vinyl RV Skirting Issues at Our Windy Location

There are developments in the vinyl skirting that we put up on our new 5th wheel.  It’s not good news either. On a side note, if you’re in the market ... READ MORE

Winter Wonderland in the Black Hills, Thank You Banana Belt!

It is really amazing to me that just one week ago we were covered in snow. Today it was close to 60 degrees!  60 degrees on December 2nd. In South Dakota. ... READ MORE

Our 2 Month Anniversary in the Camper!

I can hardly believe we’ve been in the camper for 2 months! Really. It seems like we’ve always lived in here and that is not necessary a bad thing. I’ve ... READ MORE

Beauty at O’ Dark 30 in the Black Hills

I am fortunate to have early risers. I sorta say this tongue in cheek but overall, I’m grateful that I don’t have to wake them. Ever. This morning, I got ... READ MORE