Small Kitchen Tools and Equipment Must Haves

Small Kitchen Tools and Equipment

Living in a camper and prepping meals for a family of 6, has been an adventure.  If you’re faced with a small kitchen space, this post will help you not ... READ MORE
One Year RV Anniversary - The Big lessons our family of 6 learned

Our First RV Anniversary

  One year ago, we sold nearly everything that we owned and moved our family of 6 into a 300 square foot RV.  What a trip!  In celebration this monumentous ... READ MORE

Home Buying, Goals, & Contentment

What?!  This blog is supposed to be about a crazy family of 6 living in a remodeled RV. Homebuying?? Well since we moved to Florida 2 months ago, there have ... READ MORE

Finding Our Bearings in Florida

I haven’t updated in a while and it’s been a monkey on my back so today serves as a catchup of sorts. We pulled our camper out of Hart Ranch ... READ MORE

Boondocking at Wally World

I have to laugh that I’m posting this.  I was just talking with a friend the day that we left South Dakota about this very topic.  Sleeping at Wal-Mart.  I ... READ MORE

Winter RVing & Waterlines

Since we are officially into Spring, I figured I’d post some thoughts about winter RVing and our issues with the waterline freezing. This past winter, we made it through some ... READ MORE

Stripped Life as a Full Time RVer

As we prep for our move to Florida, I’m coming to terms with our life. That may sound like I’m miserable or have regrets. I assure you that is so ... READ MORE

Big News, We Are Florida Bound!

We’re excited to announce that we are moving to Florida in about a month.  Mark put in for a transfer with his work and surprise, surprise, he got it. So ... READ MORE

The Cost of Heating the RV During the Winter

RV living is affordable. Maybe. But this winter, heating the RV has not been. When we made the change from a regular sticks and bricks house to an RV, we ... READ MORE

Downsizing Again!

Exciting things have been going on. We are picking up our used Class A tomorrow! We are itching to get started on it and make some pretty sweet updates. Since ... READ MORE