Our First RV Anniversary


One Year RV Anniversary - The Big lessons our family of 6 learned

One year ago, we sold nearly everything that we owned and moved our family of 6 into a 300 square foot RV.  What a trip!  In celebration this monumentous event, I’m writing a letter to One Year Younger Julie.

Dear One Year Younger Julie,

You’re about to have a crazy year in the camper.  There will be challenges and adventures ahead of you.  You’ll be frustrated at times and relish in the simplicity at other times.  I want to give you a little advice to make your year a little less hectic and let you know you’ll learn more about yourself than you ever bargained for.  So listen to me dear Julie

Winter RVing

First of all, let’s talk about winter RVing.  Since you’re crazy and will full time RV this winter in South Dakota, go ahead and make your own heat hose but make sure you buy a shop light IN NOVEMBER to help keep your waterline from freezing.

Buy some slippers and space heaters.  Dress warm while in the camper.  It’ll be chilly.  Winters in an RV are not for the faint at heart, toughen up.  Learn to roll with the punches and EXPECT your water to freeze multiple times.  Oh and when you go see family for Christmas, winterize the camper.  You should never leave your camper during sub-zero temps for more than a day silly girl!

As far as skirting the RV goes, use foam insulation board instead of the more expensive vinyl. It is cheaper and you won’t do another northern winter in the RV to justify the added cost or hassle.

The Grass is Greener Where You Water It

I know there are several reasons why you want to move into an RV.  But one big reason you’ve expressed is because you want to declutter your life. You want less stuff to deal with and you want to simplify.  But hear me out…I’m just a little bit older and wiser than you are right now.

Since you weren’t finding ways to simplify and declutter your life before you moved into the RV, you’re just going to be bogged down while you are IN the RV. In some ways you’re going to have more free time on your hands without having to take care of a yard or a large home.  But in an RV there is still an outside patio to sweep, holding tanks to dump, propane to fill, laundry mat laundry to deal with, weekly grocery shopping, clutter to consistently purge out of your small space, water lines to thaw, and dishes to hand wash multiple times every day.

What I’m trying to say, One Year Younger Julie, is there were things that took up parts of your day in your conventional home.  Those duties will shift to different responsibilities as a Full Time RVer.  You will have less stuff – yes, but simplified is often a state of mind rather than a type of residence.

Relax and Enjoy Your Family

But most of all One Year Younger Julie, I just want to tell you to relax.  You’re going to make mistakes this next year.  Many days will disqualify you from earning The Mother of The Year Award.  Purpose in your mind to draw closer to Jesus, enjoy your family, and be content.

Get off Facebook now and then.  Take time to play with your kids more.  Love your husband, (he’s pretty awesome)!  Spend time with dear friends and family.  Remove the time-wasters from your life.  Don’t try to figure out Twitter.  🙂

Until next year,


7 thoughts on “Our First RV Anniversary”

  1. Dear Julie, I just found you while looking at your pattern for the American Girl slouch hat. We live in the Nemo, SD area and are full time retired. Are you still in the area, or have you moved on?

    I admire your spirit.


    • Hi Sandy!

      Thank you for writing, it’s always great to hear from midwesterners! We moved to Florida this past spring I loved SD though and I’m so sad for all that’s happened through that nasty blizzard. Did you guys make out okay? I hope you enjoy the AG crochet pattern! Blessings to you!


  2. Hi Julie. I just came across your website while searching for RV skirting ideas. I like your site but I noticed it’s from 2 yrs ago. We’re into our 2nd yr of full-time rv’ing in Medford, Oregon. The winters are mild, but it still gets cold, so were going to get serious about insulating our 34′ 5th wheel for this winter. We’re going to do the insulation board. Thanks for your ideas, especially the one about getting close to Jesus. That’s what our main focus is. Take care and God bless,

    • Thank you Susan! I so appreciate your comment and I hope you are enjoying your RVing life (and walk with the Lord)! Blessings!

  3. Hi Dawn! Blessings to you as you start your fulltime journey! There are plenty of opportunities for ministry, especially in today’s social climate! Be encouraged because we know He has given us all that we need that pertains to life and godliness, (1 Peter 1:3). In other words – you got this!!

    We are no longer RVing full-time. Many changes have happened for our family, the biggest of which is that I went back to my old career full-time while Mark is homeschooling. I have tons of flexibility in my schedule and I get to see my family far more than my husband ever could when he was working outside the home.

    Mark always worked full-time for the Air Force when we were in the RV so we were not your traditional RVers. Wish I could offer you some advice, but praying that the Lord will continue to lead you and your family and be your Provider.

  4. Hi Julie….I found your blog trying to figure out how to bake in the RV. We have been full time RVers for 6 weeks. I really like the letter you wrote to yourself. I needed that!!
    I’m still in the ADJUSTMENT stage. This is so totally different then I imagined. Yet I still Love it!! It’s just hubby and I and our lab Lucy! We are new retirees ?. @empty.nest.RVLife

    • Welcome to RV-life Debbie! It is an adjustment but there are so many positives and opportunities to grow through the experience. Wishing you success and joy in this new adventure for you and your husband!


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