Haircuts for Naturally Curly Hair – Part 3 of 3

Today’s post is the last installment on how to take care of Naturally Curly Hair.

In the first post, I shared some of the tools you need for caring for your curly hair, (along with grocery store products that work).

The second post was all about how to style your hair.

And today’s post is all about haircuts for naturally curly hair.


First, let me just say that I’ve probably seen many different hair stylists and tried to achieve a cut that was compatible with my long curly hair.  I’ve had 2 who cut my hair just right and all the others left me with a similar problem:  Triangle Head Hair.

What’s the Dealio?

Triangle Head Hair comes from a misconception about curly hair…

There is a seems to be this belief among stylists that when dealing with out of control curls, you want the weight of your hair tame your hair

Nope – that’s a lie.  You don’t.  Don’t believe them, but don’t call them liars.  That will likely not go over well. *smile*

The reality is you want to lighten your hair up and to do so you need layers.

If a stylist understands the need for layers, many I’ve dealt with insist that they should be LONG layers.

Nope.  You don’t want long layers, (long layers will give you Triangle Head Hair).  See my triangle head below…


Here is the key!  Ready?


I know it’s rude to write in caps, but I am saying this with as much emphasis as I can.


You need short layers. You need short layers. You need short layers.

So in case you missed it, short layers is where it’s at for curly hair.

It doesn’t really matter if you have medium or longer curly hair, my experience is that haircuts for naturally curly hair must have short layers.

I’ve had stylists TRY to give me short layers but I still got long layers.

It seems that it must go against every fiber of most stylists being.  But if you have to take your stylist out for coffee and have a heart to heart with them about how short layers REALLY are what you want, then do it!

My stylist up in Rapid City sent me with these instructions for the next person who cuts my hair and I plan on quoting her exactly as follows:

“Increase layer and let the bottom drop out.  Slide cutting from the top down to take out the bulk, or you can thin with shears. Top layer should be 5 – 6 inches long.  Frame face.”

Those were her instructions on how to talk to a stylist about a long curly hair cut.

If you look at the photo above (the non-trangular head hair one) you’ll see that I have short layers.  This is really what you want if you want to have long curly hair and be able to wear it down.

So that is how to party curly hair, you have to have short layers and that will enhance your curls.

I’d love to hear if you have some product you love to use for your hair or if you have a tip you’d like to add, please comment below.  Or if you have any questions, just drop me a line.

*UPDATE #1*  I had a stylist in Fort Walton Beach, FL who did an amazing job of cutting my hair.  She cut it dry and have me the short layers I need.  She also said someone with naturally curly hair should NEVER have their hair thinned with thinning sheers.

*UPDATE #2* I got the go-ahead from my stylist in Fort Walton Beach, FL to post her contact information publicly.  Her name is Danna Douglas and her number is 205.218.8016.

*UPDATE #3* My stylist in Rapid City is Shayla.

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