Best Toilet Paper for RV- How to Save Money

Today’s post is getting into the nitty-gritty of RVing and discussing the best toilet paper for RV.  If you’ve ever priced RV-specific toilet paper, you’ll know that it’s pretty much a rip-off.  Like most things that are marketed strictly for RVs, you’ll pay WAAAAY more just for the “RV” stamp.  Because of this, we set out to find an RV toilet paper alternative and we have all the goods to save you some money.

There is a very quick and easy test you can do to find out which regular store-bought toilet paper will work for your RV or septic tank.

For the test, I used Member’s Mark toilet paper (this is two-ply and available at Sam’s Club) and Scott Super Soft 1-ply, (I buy ours from Amazon and have NOT seen it in a regular store).

I did a comparative test just to show the difference.  If you also want to try a test on your current toilet paper, here is what you need to do…

Septic Safe Toilet Paper Test

  1. Tear away a decent amount of toilet paper, I used 10 squares for each sample.
  2. Place toilet paper inside a quart-sized baggie.
  3. Add 2 cups of water, and seal the baggie.
  4. Let sit for a couple of minutes. In my picture you can see that Scott’s toilet paper already breaking up, the Member’s Mark did not.Scott Extra Soft Toilet Paper Qualitymembers mark toilet paper and septic safe test
  5. Shake baggies slightly.
  6. Check for clumping.  Alternative for Septic Safe and RV Toilet Paper Test

If the toilet paper clumps at all, it is not good for a septic system or RV tank. Can you get away with it for a couple of years?  Maybe.  But in the realm of toilet matters, I prefer to play it safe.

As a general rule, 2 ply toilet paper is just not good for either a septic system or an RV toilet.

What is the Best Toilet Paper for an RV?

For months we used the regular Scott single-ply that was rough and felt like tissue paper, it was not comfortable at all.  Then I found Scott Extra Soft Bath Tissue Rolls, 36 Count Scott Comfort Plus (this is the newer and rebranded version of the old Extra Soft) and it is just as nice as 2-ply.

What a cost difference!!  Hopefully, this helps you figure out an RV toilet paper alternative.

5 thoughts on “Best Toilet Paper for RV- How to Save Money”

  1. Thanks! You did a great deal more “homework” than us & that’s what we use. We are fortunate enough to find it at our local Walmart; although, that might be a different story when we hit the road. 🙂

    • Ha! Yes I did Kiko! Truth be told, I went with 1-ply when we first started RVing and just recently did the test to prove my theory. For the sake of being informative, I showed the test. I would hate for someone to have clogging issues and the test seems fail-safe.

  2. im using actual rv toilet paper and did your test in a ziplock bag big bag and its been 10 min.and the paper is solid the way i put it in the bag and i only used 4 squares of toilet paper


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