What to Plant in the Garden in April Zone 5A

If you read my post about what seeds to start in April for Zone 5a, you may have picked up that I was giddy about sharing what to plan in the Garden in April in Zone 5a.

Yup!  I’m super excited but I realize we are almost through April and I’m finally getting this post up.  My apologies if this info gets to you too late.  I’ve been so incredibly busy at work that I have not had the brain stamina to publish posts more frequently.   For us in the Black Hills, it has been a very chilly spring.  I’m shooting for planting my cold hardy plants this weekend (April 23rd) as long as the forecast is not too miserable.

Now keep in mind, that this is not an EXACT science and it is simply a guide.  Some years, you may have a killing freeze in April.  Just keep in mind that some of the plants below can tolerate a hard freeze more than others.  You may need to replant if you get extreme weather.  The lists below push the envelope so to speak.  Consider yourself forewarned.

You’ll notice I have some information behind the plant in parenthesis.  The beginning identifies if you can plant seedlings or seeds directly in the garden.  The second nugget of information is what part of the month you can plant, (beginning mid means you can start planting them in the garden mid-month and through the remainder).

Again, this is a guide so adjust due to your comfort level or weather for your area.  This is actually a perfect year for me to not be able to plant so early because it is very cold right now and we are forcasting snow in the next few days.

Vegetables to Plant in the Garden in April Zone 5A

  • Arugula (starts – all)
  • Asparagus (starts – all)
  • Fava Beans (seeds – beginning mid)
  • Bok Choy (seeds or starts – all)
  • Broccoli (starts – mid)
  • Beets (seed – mid)
  • Cabbage (starts – mid)
  • Carrots (seeds – mid)
  • Cauliflower (starts – all)
  • Endive (seeds – all)
  • Kale (starts or seeds- beginning mid)
  • Kohlrabi (seeds – beginning mid)
  • Leek (starts – beginning mid)
  • Lettuce (starts or seeds – all)
  • Onion (starts – all)
  • Peas (seeds – beginning mid)
  • Potatoes (beginning mid)
  • Radish (seeds – beginning mid)
  • Shallots (starts – all)
  • Spinach (seeds – beginning mid)
  • Turnip (seeds – beginning mid)

Flowers to Plant in the Garden in April Zone 5A

  • Allium (seeds – mid)
  • Alyssum (starts or seeds – all)
  • Anemone (seeds – beginning mid)
  • Bluebell (seeds – beginning mid)
  • Dianthus (seeds or starts – beginning mid)
  • Dusty Miller (seeds or starts – beginning mid)
  • Gladiolus (seeds – beginning mid)
  • Gypsophila (starts or seeds – beginning mid)
  • Johnny Jump Up or Violas (starts or seeds – beginning mid)
  • Larkspur (seeds or starts – beginning mid)
  • Lobelia (seeds or starts – beginning mid)
  • Phlox (starts or seeds – beginning mid)
  • Scabiosa (starts or seeds – beginning mid)
  • Snapdragon (starts or seeds – beginning mid)
  • Stock (starts or seeds – beginning mid)
  • Sweet Pea (starts or seeds – beginning mid)

I recommend you adjust what you actually put in the garden based on your weather conditions for the year.  If you do get a cold snap, you can always cover your planted beds with hay or a sheet to prevent a freeze.  Is anyone else braving early planting this year?  Or do you find it’s best to just wait so you don’t have to mess with replanting or protecting during chilly nights?

Here’s to hoping for a great year and no killing freezes in April (or May)!

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