Skirting the RV – Our Options

Skirting Options for Winter RVingThis post may just be the most boring thing I’ve ever written.  BUT, with the possibility that it might help someone as they decide how to skirt an RV, I’m posting it anyway. There are several options for skirting a camper, today I’m sharing our list.

South Dakota in the winter dictates that we need to skirt the RV.  So does Hart Ranch (where we are staying).  It really is a win win I suppose.  We get to have warm floors and save on our electricity/propane costs. So we 

Being a cheap thrifty gal, I don’t want to skirt the RV because of the cost and pain of figuring it all out.

Mark and I have measured the RV five times!  We’ve calculated.  We’ve asked tons of questions.  In the end, we’ve balked at making a decision.  BUT I think we just don’t want to bite the bullet on something that could be a flop and not work

Regardless, here are the options we’ve come up with:

  1. 2″ Foam Insulation Board
    • Pros – More insulation, inexpensive (I don’t know how much but it’s pretty cheap)
    • Cons – Not mobile, not durable unless reinforced with plywood
  2. Plywood
    • Pros – sturdy & durable, inexpensive (about $200)
    • Cons – not mobile
  3. EZ Snap Kit
    • Pros – mobile, professionally done
    • Cons – expensive (just under $1,000), not heavily insulated
  4. Hay Bales
    • Pros – cheap (probably less than $100), heavily insulated
    • Cons – mice, spiders, & fires OH MY!
  5. DIY Vinyl 
    • Pros – mobile, moderate costs ($700)
    • Cons – more labor from having to piece the vinyl, room for us to really jack this whole thing up.
  6. RV
    • Pros – custom made to fit and relatively hassle-free, mobile
    • Cons – more costly (over $2,000 for our rig)

There may be more options, but these seem to be the most common ones out there.

We’ve decided to do Option 5.  It’s a hybrid of #3. EZ Snap Kit, but by purchasing the components from 2 different vendors, we’ll save some money this way over buying it all from EZ Snap Direct.

UPDATE:  I WISH we would have gone with Option #1, the Foam Insulation Boards.  The vinyl was pretty costly – even as a DIY and it ended up causing more frustration that what it was worth.  

Since we have to spend money on skirting, we wanted an option that would be durable, mobile, and cost effective.

We didn’t want to go with RV because we’re doing this whole debt pay-off thing and that was the most expensive option (though the easiest we could find).  Plus we figure we’re mildly intelligent people.  We should be able to figure this out.  Right?

We’ve ordered our supplies and will post another update when we actually install the skirting.

Any RVing experts have an option we didn’t cover?

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