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Vintage Recipe – Soft and Chewy 4-H Dinner Rolls

This dinner roll recipe is over 50 years old and is absolutely my favorite recipe for white dinner roll or bun (for you northerners). If you’re looking for an oatmeal dinner roll recipe, this is the one I make every Thanksgiving, Christmas, and special occasions. But back to these rolls…the texture is soft and chewy, and the flavor is perfect!  These are amazing for sliders or just to go along as a side with a

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3 Super Easy No Bake Christmas Goodies

I had big plans to post a bunch of individual Christmas ideas.  But you know, life happens and it doesn’t always go as planned. So today I’m going to jam just some of the goodies that we made this year.


RV Window Treatments

Continuing with the remodel posts, today’s post is all about the window treatment. Main Living Area Windows When Mark demo’d the camper, he threw out all the old cornice boxes.  They were dated and we didn’t want to recover them.


Camper Tour – Kid’s Bunk Room

The boy’s side has a twin on top and a full-on bottom. When we were shopping around for an RV, we were specifically concerned about one area. The Kid’s Room Really I was concerned about 2 areas.  But the kid’s


New Posts Coming Right Up!

I haven’t posted in an embarrassingly long time, over 5 months in fact!  Ugh!  Groan! At least I left you Deep Fried Dill Pickles. Without the peculiarity of living in an RV, I struggled to share something worthwhile besides all the


You Need a Budget ~ Really You Do

Budgets sound so boring don’t they?!  The idea of budgeting sounds restrictive.  It sounds anti-fun.  It speaks “nerd”.  But if you want to have any control over your spending, you need a budget.


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