Why Adults Should be Coloring

So I realize I’m late to the party…but I must admit, I stuck my nose up at the idea of adults coloring.  If you are over the age of 14 and not coloring, today I’m going to make a case for why you should be coloring. ASAP.


I’ve seen these coloring books around for months and I chalked it up as silliness.  Like really…who has time to color?!  You see in these highly responsible lives of schedules, goals, work, and projects there is absolutely no time for such a frivolous activity.  Or so I thought.

Here’s the deal…

About a month ago, I was on my way to D.C. with my dear friend, Nicole.  She had all sorts of activity books for the flight.  I thumbed my nose at the idea.  Until we got up in the air.  I’m furiously working on some Photoshop edits and I look over to see her just enjoying her flight.  Whaaaa?

By the end of our 1st flight, I was doing one of her dot-to-dots, (which is a whole other blog post). Ha!

I eventually moved over to her coloring book and heavens to Betsy!!

I. Was. Hooked.

Every flight after, the flight attendants stopped to talk to us about adult coloring. It was like the Sisterhood of the Traveling Coloring Books.  Okay…not really but I’m telling you, there is some major bonding over coloring.

I picked up this gorgeous little coloring book at the airport and I adore it!

You can buy it here, from Amazon.  There are loads and loads of neat coloring books but what I like about this one, in particular, is that it has inspirational quotes and scriptures throughout, perforated sheets, and one-sided designs, (perfect for coloring with markers).

Here is my case for them…

Why Adults Should be Coloring

  1. Diminishes Stress.  Let’s face it, as a whole, we are stressed out!  And you know how I’m in time management mode?  Well more than anything, I notice that my friends are also running around ragged.  We will never have enough time to do everything.  Coloring is so very relaxing and is super for getting rid of stress.
  2. Bonding Opportunity.  My kids love to color but I rarely feel satisfaction or desire to color Elsa or Strawberry Shortcake.  With my adult coloring book, I look for excuses to get to color with them.  We talk, laugh, and just plain enjoy our time together where I’m fully engaged with them.
  3. Decorations.  With the right coloring book, you can really create some beautiful pictures with basically no skill whatsoever.  I have a few I’m planning to frame.
  4. Vision & Fine Motor Skills.  How many of us sit at a computer, (or in front of our smartphones) for much of the day? I know I do and that doesn’t help my vision.  Coloring not only helps vision but also fine motor skills.  Yay!!
  5. Low Cost.  You can buy fancy books, pencils, & markers for coloring but it can also be very minimal cost to get all those amazing benefits if you’re on a budget.

And on that last point, I have amassed a few *ahem* (okay a ridiculous amount) of adult coloring resources on my Pinterest board if you’d like to see some of the jewels I’ve found.

2 thoughts on “Why Adults Should be Coloring”

  1. I love these coloring books and colors. Didn’t know about them until my daughter told me about them today. and lo and behold your email shows up. I will be ordering some because I love to color. it gives me such peace.

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