Canning Slow Cooker Pumpkins in the Camper

***UPDATE*** I originally published this blog post in 2012!!  You can still follow this process below, but I HIGHLY recommend the instant pot to cook pumpkins for canning (set to 1 minute on high pressure…but more on that later). If you are interested in more instructions to can pumpkin (or squash), I have a post …

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Smallest Amount Accelerated Debt Payoff ~ Introduction

What if a friend told you they’d help you pay off your debt? No strings attached.  You just had to contribute to 2 other families’ combined debt as well.  You’d pay off debt much quicker by tackling the smallest amount first in an accelerated debt payoff.  You’d commit to holding each other accountable to buckle …

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You know those moments where it feels like you are in a movie, or you’re living someone else’s life and you just stepped into it.  Quantum Leap but on a real and less dramatic scale?  Maybe I’m the only one who feels this way and I should just keep these thoughts to myself….but I suppose …

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DIY Built-In Drawer Organizers

I have a problem with Pinterest. I *heart* Pinterest. In fact, I think my Pinterest organization board is preeeety impressive. Anyway, I’ve been eye-ballin’ this idea for a few weeks.  Truth be told, I hounded Mark.  I think at one point he confessed his pure and complete hatred for Pinterest. Needless to say, Mark wasn’t having …

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