Subfloors in our 96′ Winnie

I promise, we are *almost* done remodeling the RV.  It’s taken longer than we’d hope and we’ve busted our goal several times.  In reality, we’ve been making pretty good time, just not up to our unrealistic goal.

The work that I’ve done over at the camper has had to be during our 2 littlest one’s naps. I’ve also sewed a bunch in our current camper with kids underfoot.  You know that’s about as efficient as brushing your teeth after eating an Oreo.  So the brunt of the work has fallen on Mark.  But we’re in the final stretch and it feels great!

I’m waiting to post a picture until it’s all complete because it looks pretty amazing!  Really amazing!

But today, I wanted to share about the subfloor of the camper.

The floor felt a little squishy in 2 particular places of our 96 Winnebago Adventurer.

  1. Between the master bedroom and the bathroom.
  2. Directly behind the doghouse (which is the engine compartment hump between the 2 front seats of the RV).

When Mark removed all the carpet and linoleum, we saw that the plywood subfloor was actually cracked in those 2 spots.  We didn’t want to replace the subfloor because of cost and time, so we decided on bracing the floor.


Mark and a friend cut up a portion of the floor and insert a 2X4 down through the underneath space to brace it better.  It worked like a charm, but the only thing is there were wires in that particular section.  Wires that were cut.  Wires that we still don’t know their purpose.

96-Winnebago-Adventurer-Sub-FloorSo Mark bought some wire and patched up the cut wire.   Better safe than sorry.

The 2X4 rigging has worked like a charm.  The floor is solid now and not one bit squishy.

The only thing that is not a positive about this change is that the vent in the master bedroom cannot be closed because of the bracing 2X4 that blocks the vent.  But this was the best solution we could find and we’re pretty happy about not having squishy floors anymore.

In the picture above, you also see the extra layer of plywood that had to be removed.


Mark used an oscillating saw to cut around the edges of the cabinet baseboards and popped the extra layer off. Millions of staples followed but that puppy is cleaned up now.

I realize our updates are slow on this and we are really hoping to be done by Monday.

Monday if we don’t replace the countertops.  I’m still working on convincing Mark that we need to do the counters sooner rather than later.  The cabinets look amazing and the countertop just doesn’t match anymore (it is an off white so it looks dirty even though it is not) so I’ve reasoned and justified why we need to do the countertops.  They will only cost $60 and will make a big difference in the appearance.

Maybe I’ll take a vote on our Facebook page?  Situations like this, coercion is sometimes the best answer.

Until next time,






We’re still around friends!  I’ve so wanted to update the blog, but we had a terrible bout with the flu.  Our little guy was hospitalized which I’ll talk about in a later post.


After we got over that hurdle, we got busy on the RV remodel.  It looks AMAZING and I can’t wait to share the pictures and more details about what we did.  Above is a teaser.  It doesn’t look like this anymore.

But in the meantime a wordy update will have to suffice.

I’ve been busy painting cabinets, sewing curtains, and reupholstering the booth dinette cushions.  Mark took some time off work and demo’d the camper.  He had to do some work to the subfloor and is finishing up the painting all the walls and cabinets.

Let me just confirm that perspective changes radically based on what you’re doing.  When you’re trying to fit everything in a small space, there seems to be not enough cabinets.  Painting cabinets? There is a ridiculous amount of those babies.  Oh but it looks so NICE now and I think it’s well worth the time spent on them.

So here’s where we stand on what’s left to update.

Our Running To Do List:

  • Build Bunk Beds – Mark has a pretty cool design planned that will allow for the bunks to be lifted for more play room during the day.
  • Mattresses for Bunk Beds
  • Flooring
  • Cabinetry Hardware Update
  • Outlet Update
  • Replace Toilet
  • Trip to Ikea for Sofa Bed – After over 6 years of waiting, I’m planning on making my very first trip to Ikea this coming weekend.
  • Update Light Fixtures to LED – This is somewhat costly, so we’ll do that as we go.

I’m still not giving up on my tankless water heater, resurfacing the outside of the rig, or the vac system kick plate.  But with all we have going on, those are not at the top of the list.  I also would love to sew quilts for the kid’s custom bunk beds, but the curtains are taking me longer than I expected so I may just make duvets for their beds.

I’m not sure why these kids keep expecting to be fed all the time!  But I’m proud to report that Eliana and Eli managed to make chocolate chip cookies yesterday so they aren’t totally deprived.

So that’s it for a not so quick update.