Our Dog, Pepper (a Shorkie)

*This post is by our daughter, Ellie – 8yo. She is working on her writing and just loves Pepper.* We have a dog, his name is Pepper. He is a ... READ MORE

The New Addition to Our Family ~ Pepper

Well, we did it!  We got a puppy. He is a CUTIE!!! Being a bit indecisive, we went through a few names. Larry. Yoda. Pepper. We settled on Pepper. So ... READ MORE

Separation Anxiety and Our Quest for a New Dog

*UPDATE* Once upon a time, we had a dog. . . He was an awesome dog.  Awesome?!  Pretty lofty to describe our 4-footed friend, but awesome he was! His name ... READ MORE

Potty Training, Vomit, & Cat Poop

Since we bought the camper new, it was pretty important to us that we kept it nice.  It was going to stay pristine really.  Really. Expectations. We didn’t want to ... READ MORE