Potty Training, Vomit, & Cat Poop

Since we bought the camper new, it was pretty important to us that we kept it nice.  It was going to stay pristine really.  Really.


We didn’t want to drill any holes in the walls or make any permanent changes and most definitely we didn’t want to wreck anything.

Well, that is just a feat all on its own.  You see you have to install hooks, shelves, and spice racks. So we got over it.  We screwed in screws and started making things our own.

Still, we didn’t want to get it dirty with cat poop tracked in from neighboring RVers or throw up, or bathroom accidents.  Which leads me to potty training.

Our 33-month-old, Eva, is not yet potty trained.  She has the super-human ability to hold her bladder and we’ve tried potty training her several times.  And I’m not talking about taking a couple of days. I mean weeks at a time we’ve worked on potty training her.

Have you ever watched when a spillway of a dam is opened and they are releasing water??  Well, that was kinda like little Eva’s bladder when she’d have an accident.

It became a HUGE priority to potty train her before we moved into the RV.  We took 1 week off of school so I could focus on just her and this “pee-pee in the potty” thing.  I was certain we were going to get it done this time.


Attitudes were great.

By day 3 I hadn’t cried – yet.

BUT by the night of day 4, I was wearing thin.  Pressure.  We were running out of time.  We’d had some successes but in the end, I think she just did NOT want to do it.

So day 5, I put a diaper on her.

Fast forward a few weeks.

The last night spent in our house Eva came down with a stomach bug and was throwing up every hour, sometimes less.  After moving into the camper, she still had some issues but then it spread to Zander (who was also seriously in throw-up mode), then Ellie, and Eli.

So much for my pristine camper.  I slept on the floor with Zander so I could hold him over the puke bowl.  Never…have I ever…seen a 9-month-old throw-up!  Poor guy!

We had 1 day of peace and then I ended up with it.  Funny how things don’t turn out like you think they should.

A couple of nights ago, at the height of my misery, I told Mark that I regretted moving and I wished we were in our house again.  I may or may not have had a few tears well up and “poor me” moments.  I have to say, that was the only time that thought crossed my mind much less I verbalized it.  Now I call my whining fever-induced craziness.

At the time Mark lovingly reminding me that we’d have trials in a regular house too. Yes.  True.

Lastly, Mark got hit and fared amazingly well.

All this to end with the statement that we made it. Our little “idol”- the perfect camper, is perfect but not because it’s never been puked in, but because it’s our home and we’re together.

And yes we did have cat poop tracked in the camper yesterday.  Blasted cats!

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