Our Plan

So many have asked what our plan is, here’s the skinny on what we’re doing…

Our 2013 Forest River Sandpiper 365 SAQ was just delivered from the factory this past Friday, the 14th.  We went through RV Wholesalers and have been extremely pleased with the experience so far.

As far as our actual camper, I’ll give you a tour in another post.  But we love it!

Currently, it’s parked next to our house and we’re slowly (or not so slowly) adding our stuff to our rig.

We didn’t want to sell our house & decided to keep it as an investment property.  The big deciding factor in that is the fact that there is a serious shortage of rental properties in the area.

Our renters will be here at the beginning of October.  They are moving up here from out of state and we’ve had countless emails and phone conversations back and forth.  They seem like a great fit for the house.

A few days before they get here, we’ll pull our behemoth of a camper out to Hart Ranch.

Hart Ranch is pretty sweet.  We like it!

We’ll have to write about it soon because it’s a beauty and the amenities are superb!

One downside to not selling the house is that we didn’t have a huge chunk of cash to pay for the camper.  But, we’re on the fast track to paying off the debt while living here in beautiful SD.

Once the camper is paid off the sky is the limit.  We have some ideas but aren’t totally set.  Travel is in the plans though.

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