My Favorite Kitchen Gadget ~ Mix N’ Masher

Downsizing.  That’s what we did when we moved into the camper.  Especially in the kitchen.

Alright, I admit it.

I have a problem with kitchen gadgets.

During The Great Purge, I held on to this kitchen tool for dear life.

I love tools that are multi-purpose.  I love tools that are sturdy and no-fuss.  Oh and I love Pampered Chef.


The gadget above is the Mix N’ Masher.  I think it’s intended for potatoes but is more useful than you might think at first glance.

Sure, we use it for potatoes, but I mostly use it for baking.  It’s perfect for mixing cookies, quick breads, pancake batter, pie crust, egg salad, & guacamole.  I rarely use my hand mixer because of this baby.

It’s multi-purpose, sturdy, and no fuss.  Oh how I love Pampered Chef!

Truth be told, I like most things put out by Pampered Chef.

But just so you know that I’m NOT just a blind Pampered Chef devotee, I’ll tell you that I hate their mandolin.  If you’re considering buying it, I’d reconsider.  Maybe I’m abusive or expected too much but I tried slicing carrots, apples, tomatoes…and it failed to pass the test.  It stunk.

Obviously Pampered Chef isn’t paying me for this post.  (I guess I didn’t even need to write that since I just trashed their overpriced mandolin)  But if you had $12 to spend on Pampered Chef and could only get one thing, I’d get this (Mix N’ Masher) potato masher in a heartbeat.

3 thoughts on “My Favorite Kitchen Gadget ~ Mix N’ Masher”

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