I’m so glad you found my little space on the internet!  I grew up in a small town in North Dakota.  Growing up, we farmed, raised livestock, gardened, canned, and crafted.  My parents divorced and we moved away from the farm, but I’ve always enjoyed those simple pleasures of working hard and creating beautiful things and delicious food.

Through a series of unexpected events, I decided to join the Air Force…quite literally out of nowhere.  Through the years, I’ve had so many opportunities to see the world, my favorites were Guam, Germany, England, Greece, Luxembourg, India, Oman, and Switzerland. I met my husband, Mark through the Air Force in Germany. He is my rock and I’m so grateful for the 19 years of ups and downs we’ve had together.

When we started our family, I separated from the military. For many years, Mark and I dreamed about moving into an RV and traveling around the U.S.

In 2012, we moved into an RV, which I shared more about here. I started TheNewLighterLife.com at that time as a way to share our crazy adventures.  We went through many changes and a huge remodel of our 1996 Winnebago, all of which is shared here.

When we sold our RV and bought a home in San Antonio, life just got so busy and I lost my will to blog.  I’m ashamed to say, that I didn’t update the blog for YEARS.  During this time, we’ve had many major life changes

  • Mark went back to college for his bachelor’s degree.
  • I completed my master’s degree.
  • I went back to work for the Federal Government (Air Force)
  • Mark took on homeschooling the kids and began day-trading.
  • I transferred to the National Park Service and we moved back to South Dakota.
  • We completely remodeled our new home here.

This brings us to today.  We love hiking and camping in the Black Hills and I’m able to delve into all my earlier passions, such as gardening, cooking, and crafting.

Today TheNewLighterLife is about sharing old family recipes, crafts, gardening tips, and new ideas/adventures that we have discovered and love.

Thank you for stopping by!