What do you guys do for work?

Right now, Mark works as a civilian for the Air Force.  Our goal is to be completely debt free so we can live minimally and work on the road. Once we’re FTing the answer to this question will be much more interesting.

What made you decide to move into an RV?

We’ve wanted to minimize and simplify our lives for years, actually close to 10 years. There are several things that appeal to us about RV living such as:

  • Mobility
  • Low-cost of living
  • Minimalistic living
  • Adventure
  • Freedom

Do you get tired of the small space?

Yes and no.

I’d be lying if I (Julie) said the cramped quarters never got to me. They do, but overall I love the small condensed living space. It frees me up to have more free time and our lives are less hectic.

How long do you plan to do this RVing thing?

At least few years. We may do it longer though depending on how it all goes. We’re free-spirited like that.

Where do you live?

We live in the Panhandle of Florida right now.

Were you scared to do this?

Yes. I (Julie) was the most nervous about it. I don’t think Mark is scared of anything, except snakes.

Don’t get me wrong, I was all for it, I just really had some reservations about how we’d live day in and day out with our new accommodations.

When we start traveling, I imagine I’ll go there another nervous phase.  I think with any big change there is some amount of apprehension.

What do you do about school?

We homeschool our children and have since Ellie started Kindergarten. To manage homeschooling in the RV, we keep ONLY our current year homeschooling curriculum and frequent the library.

How does everyone still have their own space?

We think that the importance of having your own space is a very American thing and we don’t take stock in that.

What is interesting to me is the fact that our kids rarely want to be by themselves. When we were in our 1800 sf house we were almost always in the same room.  Heck even the same side of the room!

Do you miss your stuff?

At first I did, but after having been in the RV for a year, I see that our stuff is just stuff.  I originally said I missed my Kitchen Aid, krumkake iron, and my garden.  But now, I can honestly say I don’t miss all of our things. I’m learning to be content and satisfied.


If you have a nagging question you want to shoot our way, we welcome it!  Thanks for stopping by!

4 thoughts on “FAQs”

    1. If I had my way it’d be right away…but more realistically we could maybe get to NY next summer. We love you guys too and are due for a visit.

  1. So where are you living at right now? I am in MN (also from ND-Minot) and its starting to get pretty cold outside. I love camping in the cold but not LIVING in the cold. ha.ha!! I envy you though i would love to live in my camper but in a warmer place in the winter.

    1. Hi Lauri!

      We are living just outside Rapid City. Thank God for Banana Belts! Seriously. 🙂 It is warmer here than up in ND, I actually went to MSU for a year before joining the Air Force.

      Mark and I were just talking about how we are really excited to be able to travel. We will not do so until we are completely debt-free, except for our rental property. Guess the winters will make us even more motivated to be free.

      Thanks for stopping by!

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