Mindset from Camper to Home

You know those moments where it feels like you are in a movie, or you’re living someone else’s life and you just stepped into it.  Quantum Leap but on a real and less dramatic scale?  Maybe I’m the only one who feels this way and I should just keep these thoughts to myself…but I suppose that it’s too late for that.

I’ll tell you that I had one of those moments yesterday.

I’ve been trying to keep up with bedding and putting everything in its rightful place.  (Bedding because Eva has now moved on to the diarrhea stage of her stomach bug)  Uh-huh. Nasty.

It was a busy but good day.  A day trying to adjust to smaller quarters and seeing some areas in my kid’s attitudes that I needed to address since it’s staring me in the face

Mark was at our house most of the day taking care of some last-minute stuff for our renters who are coming in a couple of days.

The kids were missing their dad and were asking about saying goodnight to him and I said, “When your dad gets home he’ll say goodnight) – weird.

Really truly.  Home.

Did I just call this camper our home?!  It didn’t seem possible.  But it is our reality.  I’m thinking I must have felt like Dr. Sam Beckett did (were he real and all), sans the whole nude entry part.

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