5 Ways to Save on Your Verizon Bill

Most everyone we know is trying to cut expenses, and we are no exception.  Today I’m sharing 5 ways you can save on your Verizon bill.  They’re all easy and painless to implement.

Below are the best ways we’ve found to save on our Verizon bill, whether you’re an RVer or not.

1.  Share Plans.
  This is probably the biggest savings we’ve found.  We joined a family members plan so we share the basic account access charge.  That charge is simply for having the service and it’s quite a chunk of the bill.  Now this option isn’t for everyone but we have a mutual trust and respect for the other family member.  We’re both paying our portion of the bill and we both save so it’s a win-win.

2.  Change Plans. Previously we were under a very limited plan and were consistently busting our minutes.  After Verizon started offering the Share Everything Plan, we upgraded and ended up paying less for more features.

For some the Share Everything Plans is above what is needed.  Talk to a Verizon Rep and they’ll help you figure out what is most cost-effective.

3.  Discounts.  Verizon offers discount rates for a humongous number of business or reasons.  Student discount. Military/Veteran discounts.  Specific bank member discounts.  Essentially if you’re breathing and live in America, you qualify for a discount.  There are of course instances when this doesn’t ring true but you get my point.  Just ask.  You never know.  More than likely you do qualify and the savings can be substantial.  We currently have a 21% discount and it is su-weeet.

4.  Monitor Usage.  With Verizon’s Share Everything Plan, you really only need to be concerned with your data usage.  Regardless of your plan, you need to make sure you don’t get charged overages which are always more than simply calling and upping your plan for the month.

For example, if you go over your data plan allowance at all, you are charged $15 for each GB.  But if you monitor your usage and see you are going to bust your data,call Verizon and raise your allowance.  If you do so you’ll only pay $10 for 2 GB.  No brainer.

You also can have Verizon automatically set your data back to the lower amount the following month if you think your overage was a freak occurrence.You can monitor your data through Verizon’s website, apps like DataMan, or through text notifications from Verizon.  We rely on the later because DataMan doesn’t pick up what we are using off of our MIFI.

5.  Cut Back.  As full-time RVers, data is a huge portion of our bill.  No matter who you are, you wan to make sure you disable automatic downloads over cellular data on all your devices.  We choose to download when we are near free WIFI.Many RVers connect to the internet off of free wifi hotspots.  We haven’t broken down and done this yet, but if you want more information there is a vast amount out there, like here and here are just a few.

With a little trimming to your Verizon bill and you really can save. The biggest thing to keep in mind is that you’re not stuck and your plan can change with your changing needs

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