The Big Reveal ~ Remodel Pictures of Our 96 Winnebago Adventurer

We’ve worked our tails off remodeling our 96′ Winnebago Adventurer.

I’m happy to report that it is *almost* complete.  Almost because we have light fixtures, outlets, and rugs to replace.  I’d also like to do some work in the bunk room to make it more personalized and kid-friendly.  I could list some more things we want to do but the bulk of the remodel is complete and we’ll do a little as we go.

Truth be told, most of the work we did was just so we could get moved in.  We ran out of steam and grew tired from spending money on the camper. Our plan is to let the dust settle for a little bit.

We’ve been living in her for the past 4 days.  We LOVE the new/old camper and it is so bright and open.  We’re both so happy with the changes and today’s post is going to be image heavy as we share most of what we did.  In the following days, I’ll post some tutorials and give further details for how we accomplished our remodel.

The Majors

We painted the walls with a soft gray.  Cabinets were painted with Nuvo Cabinet Paint  (Platinum White).  Counters were painted with the Giani Granite Countertop Paint (Bombay Black).  Before, the floors were a mixture of carpet and linoleum.  Both were ripped out (except up in the cab area) and replaced with sheet vinyl.

The Front Door


We removed the hand rail and fold-out table.  We also put fabric paint on the chair and updated the pillow.  There was a roller blind which we replaced and covered.  We also sewed the chevron print to the front window curtains (and it looks pretty psychedelic at night).Side-chair-view-of-remodeled-winnebago-adventurer

The Kitchen


The rugs don’t match, but we have to let it go for now.  We painted the grates and some outlets were updated throughout as well.  We haven’t gotten to them all but hope to in the next couple of months.

We also updated the faucet and added an Ikea butcher block to the stovetop.  The fabric panel above the door was also removed.

Here is a better picture of our countertop paint.  It turned out so well and it made such a difference in the space.


Here is a view of another section of countertop after we painted the cabinets. It looks so much better now.


Living & Dining Room Area

Sadly I didn’t have a good picture of the couch so you get to see this poor quality and fuzzy one.  I’m going to say that my kids took this picture but I’m sure I did.  At least you get a picture of the carpet and the couch we had before.


And now the update.  We bought an Ikea sofa bed.  It was the only queen bed we could find that would fit into the space.  It is a very comfortable bed (not so comfortable couch).

In the picture, you get to see the cabinet fronts that were recovered.  You also get a better view of the curtains, which Mark is crazy about (note – I’m being sarcastic but I think he’s regaining his masculinity every day we live in the rig).

There is also the view of the slide and some of the vinyl flooring Mark put in.


Now for the dinette…

dinette-before-and-afterI recovered the dinette cushions and Mark put a new wood trim front on the slide

Bathroom Area

This area had some of the same updates I previously mentioned.


Mark also replaced the toilet.


He replaced the shower head and I recovered the bottom fabric face of the shower with the same fabric I used on the booth dinette.  I’d love it if Mark replaced the sink and faucet (as well as the shower) but that’ll have to wait for the time being.

Here is an old view of the bathroom.


Bunk Room.

Next the master bedroom, which we turned into a bunk room for our 4 children.

First the before…96-winnebago-adventurer-master 96-winnebago-adventurer-master-2 96-winnebago-adventurer-view-from-master

Mark had originally planned on installing bunks that could fold up during the day.  He changed the plan because he had concerns about bracing and the fact that the walls do not have standards studs that run the entire length or at the proper intervals to support that kind of weight.

So we settled on having 2 smaller bunks for the 2 littlest in the opened closet area and 2 larger ones for the 2 older ones.  We also got a Closetmaid cube shelf.  I’d like to make some changes to their room and the wheels are turning on how we can make it more kid-friendly but they like it and have their little space.  The baskets underneath store some of their toys as well as diapers and clothes that they are just about to grow into.

bunks-in-Class-A Master-Bunk-Room-Cubbies-Winnebago-Adventurer closet-bunks-in-Winnebago-Adventurer closet-bunks-of-96-winnebago-adventurer

The bedding for the kid’s bunks came from duvets I bought from Ikea.  I sized down comforters to fit their beds and sewed the colored strip to add color and help us keep each set straight.  I also made fitted sheets and sewed the curtains (which are probably the least favorite thing I sewed).

But that’s it for now.  Next update will be more details about our cabinet paint job.


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